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Do you want to decide the fate of transportation?


This site exists because I have been wanting to replace my bike for many years. Summer has arrived and the call of the open road is ringing in my ears.

However, my finacial situation does not allow for a new bike.

So I will let you..the world decide. If I am to purchase a new bike.

Do you like Girls on Bikes? If so send me a Dollar or Two to add to the....

I need a new Scooter Fund.

Help me get a scooter   |   NO THANKS


May. 1 , 2003

This is the first day of my new site. After watching me drool over all the new bikes this spring.. my close friend has encouraged me to start a website and see if the world can help me purchase a new motorcycle. I will update this site often.



I hope you enjoy visiting my Website.

Have you ever wanted to make a girl happy by helping to make her wish come true? Then here is your chance. Contribute to the bike fund ! Check out my other pages to learn more about me.


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