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AKC Name: Sam's Sir Winston of White Oak

Date of Birth: March 22, 2003

Current Weight (as of 7/22/03): 30lbs.

Breeder: Arkansas White Oak Bulldogs

Sire: Cedar Ln Little Pond Snowman

a.k.a. Tinker

Dam: Hon's Maggie Mae

Color: Red Brindle & White

Hi everyone! I'm glad you decided to visit my page rather than Lily's. Let me tell you a bit about myself. My favorite pastimes include chasing Belle, chewing on rawhides and playing with my smiley face volleyball (which happens to be twice my size!). Lily is my best buddy (for a sister!). We love to run around our backyard. Here's a pic of me watching her (I'm just making sure she's breathing.....)

My other favorite pastimes include sleeping. Aren't I adorable? The couch is awesome!

I'm getting to be a big boy now. My owner can't believe how big I am. Here's the latest pic of me:

Thanks for visiting my page. I guess you could visit Lily's page, but at least you came to mine first.