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Jason Kidd has heard it from the critics his entire career. They claimed he lacked maturity, had crummy practice habits, couldn’t shoot from outside, bristled against authority and couldn’t win the big one. After a trade to New Jersey, it looked like the beginning of the end. But in one startling season Jason hit his stride, leading the hapless Nets all the way to the NBA Finals. Now a poster boy for everything right and good in pro basketball, he is finally flying high.
He is one of or could be the best point guard in the NBA right now. He helped his team to become ranked first in the eastern conference and reach the NBA Finals. He was drafted into the NBA by the Memphis Grizzlies than traded to the Suns. Now he is with the New Jersey Nets. Where he played college ball was at California, where he was the favorite and was a first team All-American. He got a great start when he entered the NBA with four double, doubles to lead the nation. In 1993 he lead in assists and 94 he lead them in steals. He was co-rookie of the year along with Grant Hill.