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This site is here for you to read about my problems and try to help me financially by donating ANYTHING. Anything can mean 10 cents, to 1 dollar. It all counts.
So please, take your time and read. I hope you stay, that will give me some hope. I am sorry for getting to the donation part so fast, but I wanted to let you know why you are reading this.

About me,
I was born July, 2nd 1981, in a small town of Georgia called Larwenceville. I was raised by my father. My father did all he could to help keep our family alive. he worked his butt off to keep ends meet. Night and day at a local meat shop, he worked 13 hour days Monday-Sunday at 4$ an hour. This was barely enough too keep us both alive. I went to school like a normal boy every day till 6th grade. When I was in 6th grade, my father passed away. He died of a HORRIBLE death. At the meat production shop, everyone was assigned a certain job. My dads job was to tenderize the meat. When he was at work, he was beating the meat on the production line. The meat Tenderizer flew out of his hand and landed into the meat grinder. As he went to go pull it out. His hand was forced into it by the blades, which took his whole body too. Sadly, I was tooken up by the state and put into a foster home. I was there, where they taught me schooling and basic living until I was 18 years of age. When I turned 18, I was forced out of the home. When I left the place, I had no diploma, and I was too old to go to school. I was out on the streets with no job, money, or diploma to show for my education. Standard procedure for the state is that when one turns 18, the state finds you a job and helps you. Somehow the state misplaced my file which rendered me useless in life. Now I am stuck with nothing. I am struggling by pan handling in the streets trying to get the money to get my G.E.D so I can find a job. I cant find any job at this moment because I have no place to live so that my job could contact me. No job would accept me. I was doomed, making on a good day 10$ a day. Living on that. I struggled on the streets with robbery, getting beat up, and very harsh conditions. At this moment, I have been very lucky to find a good friend which lets me live in his home with him. I currently am working for a family owned restaurant where I need no registration to get the job. I have no social security card, birth certificate, or anything. I am currently making $4.75 at this restaurant which is barely enough to live. I am very lucky if I even get a paycheck each payday. They are very mean to me and take advantage of me because they know my situation. I can do nothing about this.
I need to cut this pretty short because I am at an internet cafe and I don't have much time to complete this page with much effort, nor the money.
So please take the time to think about donating to me. I need enough money to get a lawyer to get my social security card, and birth certificate so I can live my life.
I have no food, and almost no home. I need your help. Please help me. I am suffering very bad.

I have made the time to get a bank account and a paypal account for you wonderful people that will help me.

Please donate, and may god be with you.