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Kirana's Wav Files

These are a random sample of my collection of wav files. Some i made, some i got off free wav sites. How you use the wavs is up to you. If a wav file is one you made and you have a massive problem with it being online here well email me and i will get it offline. No profits being made thru this site.. To download a wav please right click on the link and "save target". DO NOT directly link to wavs on this site.. To start, heres a wav of some taiko drumming that i found online, notice that they are chanting "Fondue Rei". Fondue as we all know is a sticky cheese sauce, Rei, is the Japanese command to bow politly to someone more important that you. The chant therefore seems to be about bowing to the great lord fondue - the first confirmed instance of Fondue-worship. Now you can also worship the great Japanese god Fondue.

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Pagan Wavs

Air I Am

The Earth The Air

Kindle The Fire

Merry Meet And Merry Part

The Earth is our mother, we must take care of her

We all come from the Goddess

Wiccan Rede

Morning Sun

A pagan wav trying to be samurai - going on about the Rising Sun... A magnificent wav!

An Apache chant about honor

Diadema - some mediaval style stuff, soo relaxing...

Can i live on your island?




Wavs by Kirana

Demonstration chant against Pres. Bush, and the CIA.

Emi is killed - from the samurai film i made, this wav is copyrighted by me. Please ask if you wanna use it

How war can sexually arouse people.. (made from various wavs i DONT own) ADULTS ONLY...


My laugh from my self portrait film



Free Misc Wavs

Historic speech about the nuking of Hiroshima

Pygmy war cry

Morse SOS

From the film Ben Hur


Free Urban dance loop

A load of people being shot with arrows - from the film GI Samurai

Pissed off cat

Safety advice on handling nuclear weapons - from the film Broken Arrow

Doc Holliday in some western, i cant remember which..

Fanfare to our glory

Humble female servant

A chicken thinks its in the army..

A guy being a mad cow

Vampire god - from the film Blade

The Sheriff of Nottingham tries diplomacy - Robin Hood Prince of Thieves