SOKE Dr. David Griffith, of Whitesburg, Ky., has been involved in the martial arts for nearly 40 years; 10 of which were spent studying overseas. He is the founder of IronDragon Martial Arts. IronDragon Martial Arts is a combination of Karate.. Tae-Kwon-Do.. Judo.. Pressure Point Technique.. Tai-Chi.. Ju-Jitsu and Okinawa Kempo.
SOKE Griffith has taken the best and most efficient moves from the above forms to create a new martial arts form named IronDragon Martial Arts. He has also fought professionally.
Soke Griffith is a member of the Eastern USA International Martial Arts Arts Association (EUSAIMMA) Executive Advisory Board and an inductee in the organization's Black Belt Hall of Fame.
Soke Griffith has trained a number of local Mixed Martial Arts amateur Cage Fighting Champions.
(606) 335-2881

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