Cane Do Kai Video Instruction Links:

DVD 1: Power Foundations and Cane (Body) Conditioning

DVD 2: Snap, Crackle, Pop (Defense Against Grabs & Holds)

DVD 3: Smashes, Thrashes & Hits

DVD 4: Cane Throws for the Street

DVD 5: Cane Aconda, Cane Grappling

DVD 6: Cane Vs. Street Weapons

Cane Self Defense Against Chokes

Gripping The Cane Spring Into Action Fast!

Cane Do Kai Videos 4 Sale:

Upgrade Membership Info:

ACSD Level 1 Membership $170.00/One Time

ACSD Level 1 Member 1 membership includes your Annual Membership (as described above) along with the following DVDS. If you have set your sights on teaching Cane Self Defense then this membership is will get you trained and certified so you can bring ACSD others.

  Mean 18 DVD
  Power Foundations and Cane Conditioning DVD
  Defense Against Grabs and Holds, DVD
  Smashes, Thrashes and Hits DVD

ACSD Level 1 also provides on line access to Mean 18 and the Powershot Kata.

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Cane Masters DVDs