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Wow!! Its the Nervous System!!

The Purpose of our WebQuest

Wow! It's the Nervous System!!

Wow! It's the Nervous System!!
Web resources for creating a Multimedia Scrapbook on Nervous System

created by Melanie and Natalie
Orange Glen High School


The idea of our Nervous System webquest is to allow students to explore the internet and use its resources to gain a better understanding of such an important, necessary system in our bodies. Students will collect textual and visual 'artifacts' on their hunt to fully comprehend the nervous system and its function.

Keep this question in mind as you work:

Why is the nervous system so important? How does it keep us functioning during everyday life? What kind of diseases can affect the nervous system's function?


  1. Students are to explore the listed sites and find imporant information, articles, pictures, etc that help to answer the main question listed above.

  2. When students find desire information, they are to check the copyright notice and/or possibly ask for permission from the webmaster to use that material.

  3. Copy any text you want by dragging across the words, then using the Edit - Copy command on the menubar. Paste what you highlighted into a basic text editor, word processor, desktop publishing program or multimedia program.

  4. Save images you like by downloading them. Paste the images you've downloaded into a multimedia, paint or desktop publishing program (like HyperStudio, Clarisworks, or PageMaker) or use one of the graphics viewers listed as Tools on this page to display your collection of images.

  5. Be prepared to cut anything that copyright owners tell you they don't want you to have.

  6. Once you have collected your information, go over it carefully so that you can give clear and thoughtful reasons why you found the things you collected especially important.

Here are your Internet Resources..!Woo hoo!

  • Neuroscience for Kids! - This site explores the brain, peripheral nervous system, neurological disorders, sensory systems and their functions. With easy to understand information for elementary students. :)

  • On-Line Biology Book: The Nervous System - This site has many colorful, elaborate pictures offering a better understanding of the neuron, along with lengthy explantions of a functioning neuron.

  • Virtual Hospital: Infectious Diseases of the Central Nervous System - Dr. Gary Baumbach (M.D.)explains the general concepts of central nervous system, including the infectious meninges category and three neurological disorders : pyogenic meningitis, granulomatous menigitis, and lymphocytic meningitis.

  • A Portrait of the Nervous System - Really cool visuals, animations and descriptions to use in your multimedia presentations.



Hypertext Webster Dictionary
Get definitions to many words quickly.

Roget's Internet Thesaurus
Find words that have similar meanings to words you run across.

Grabbing Web Images
Follow a friendly step-by-step tutorial on how to grab images from the Web.


download JPEGView (Macintosh)
Software for showing images

download Lview Pro (Windows)
Software for showing images

Multimedia authorware used at many schools. Check out the Website for support, ideas, and the Netscape Plug-In
Thousands of software programs you may want to download and use.

HTML Tutorial
Create your own Web page to show what you've learned.

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