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Let Him Have His Way

Private Page For Let Him Have His Way Team Members

Minutes from June 14, 2003 meeting:
  • Operation of the room.
  • No one will interrupt the Holy Spirit.
  • Red dot method.
  • Names will be added to list of disruptive people.
  • Details of meetings will remain private.
  • God bonded us in the Spirit.
  • We need to pray for Daughter of Destiny.
  • We need to cover Ms Quiet Storm in prayer.
  • Website possibilities were discussed.
    God also spoke through Val, Denice, and Carolyn. Contact Vee ( if you would like a copy of the Real Player file.

    Contact Information
    Val (ENCOURAGEDtoGOon) 254-635-7571
    Carolyn (secertplace) 610-378-1780
    Vee (HotChurch_DotCom) 856-966-4740
    Denisce (MsQuietStorm EE) 510-459-9492