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Brandon vs. LETHALO

A dedicated self-proclaimed Ninjas's plight against the evil corporate beast

LETHALO: The Martial Artist's Enemy

In the above link, you see the deception that is LETHALO. Rather humorous if anything. Especially the testimonials. Here Brandon bravely stands up to the enemy and sends them some e-mail questioning their claims that people who train a few days with LETHALO can kick any martial artist's ass, even black belts.

“Well first off I'd like to start off by saying your claims that the average lazy American with three days of training could beat a black belt who has trained for 7+ years is very offensive. I don't see how any one can believe that bull ****. Martial arts training has been proven to be the greatest method increasing ones fighting ability. Martial artists spend years training their skills perfecting them as well as building up their strength, speed, endurance and reflexes. There is no way in three days that an untrained person can reach anywhere near the level of combat skill that the average black belt achieves. To put it simply you are liars (bad ones at that) and con men cheating people out of their money.

I find your site to be quite humorous almost as funny as the name "Lethalo". You should learn to lye a bit better if you want to trick someone with an ounce of intelligence into joining your cult. Those testimonials are rather fake sounding. No black belt gets beat up by kids and no self-respecting former marine has to mace in order to take down a drunk or two.

Another thing I find to be strange is the fact that you claim that in three days one of your students with no former training can take down the majority of black belts yet you have black belts to teach the coarse. So did they take the three-day course and become grandmasters? Or the more logical reason you are fakes. Well anyways have a nice day and hope you don't ever get into a fight with a real martial artist or anyone for that matter because your fighting style makes Tae Bo look effective.

A real martial artist."

And now corporate LETHALO's retaliation e-mail...

"Sure, we have a 10 acre campus here in Arizona, but our site is designed to both attract and repel. We repel closed minded and often immature "martial artists," and have attracted over 6,000 students worldwide to date. Martial arts make self defense over complicated; we can teach the average person with no training on the street to take out the majority of martial arts black belts in a 3 day weekend.

Unlike you, the genuine students who had the courage to tell their stories did sign their names, we just respect them too much to parade them all over the web, especially in cases where litigation is still pending or where testosterone- filled young "martial artists" might mistake openness for a challenge. We are so different from the martial arts that mma is closer to dancing than combat by comparison. If you know a lot about combato, you may know a little about us, if not, no clue partner.

On your advice about "lying better," sounds like projection. The world is full of critics, our founders are multi- millionaires. So, take your own advice, and either lie well, or tell the truth, but let's see your success, which is the proof in the pudding, right? We get over 1,000 emails a day, and the testimonials on the sites are only a small fraction of the REAL ones we get each day, but don't have the room to include. You obviously have a high opinion of yourself as judge and jury, but you bull***** meter needs a serious tuning. While walking the thin line between naievete and cynicism, you've unfortunately been burned so much that you've gone over the cynical edge into the abyss of close mindedness friend.

Beth Malek

Brandon then responds with a brief e-mail:

"I don't like you"

Looks like it's time for all Martial Artists to unite and take on this evil beast known as LETHALO! Bless Brandon's soul, for he is an inspiration to Martial Artists everywhere!