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Reflective Essay

This is a reflective essay I did about my experiences this year with my senior project. I was to job shadow a career and a professional. I followed around an officer of the law, Keith Sutherland. He is currently an officer of the Covina Police Department. Here's what I think:

Reflective Essay

By Kenneth Beckett

There comes a point in a person’s life when reality kicks in and its time to get a real job. Now, that time has come for me. I am graduating high school in a few weeks and I must now get a real job. I can no longer afford to work at Pep’s. Although it is a very cool job, I must get my life started on the right track. I always wanted to find a job that paid pretty well, was well respected, helped others, and to be honest, not a lot of work. So I chose to seek law enforcement.

To see if this is the true career I wish to purse, I job shadowed Officer Keith Sutherland of Covina Police Department. I showed up to the police station bright and early Easter Sunday to go on my “ride-a-long“. I was very excited to ride in the front of a police car. The day started off pretty normal, just a lot of driving around waiting for something to happen. Officer Sutherland was a really nice guy and we got along very well I thought. We had a lot in common, such as cars and girls. There was even one point where we saw a car and I said, “that’s a chick car”, so we pulled them over. We answered a few calls, one to Covina Park, where there was some sort of dispute over tables. I wasn’t completely filled in because I spent most of the time in the car. A cops day is pretty chill, they basically drive around all day, wait for someone to call in, go eat, or catch people for speeding.

After going on the “ride-a-long” I would strongly consider applying as a Correctional Officer and moving up from there. I feel like I could make a great cop and it fits into all of my job descriptions. It pays great money, there is always work, I would be helping other and be respected and best of all it isn’t a hard job at all from what I saw.