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My Biography

Full Name: Kenneth Beckett

Born: Febuary 22, 1985

Birthplace: Covina, CA

Organs: Little Boy

Current Schooling: High School; South Hills. I came to South Hills, from Covina High, in the second semester of my shophmore year. As an average student, I have built a reputation no beast of a man can break. Graduation takes place at Covina's District Field, June 11.

Car: I got my drivers licence a few years back, and now can be found driving my red Jeep.

Future Plans: I plan on working with my father after graduation.

Hired for: Pep's pizza. I've gotten a summer job that has growen to be a respected job. Tips have helped my wallet to only grow fatter.

Interests: My favorite band is currently Deftones, although I listen to many others; Slipknot, and Atreyu. I usually work if I'm not in school, and I love to draw and sketch on the side. My favorite movie is Fried Green Tomatoes.