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-What is Kurai Studios?-

Kurai Studios is the name of my piddling little attempt at art... or something like that. I make images and Web Graphics for family & friends and at times organizations and sites, but... for the most part I just am left to my own devices to produce art... or some semblance of art.

-Who is Jay?-

Allow me to Introduce Myself, My Name is Jay...ok well technically Its Jason Biggs, but that's not important. I am  18 years old and a College student majoring in....ummm..... Ill get back to you on that.  Anyway If for some reason there is a problem with the site please feel free to contact me anytime @ .   I've included some information to follow in the form of a survey for your enjoyment and Enlightenment.

Name: Jay ( Jason David Biggs)
Do you like it?: I prefer Jay to my full name
Nicknames: Jay, Doc, Crack Daddy, The Notorious B.I.G.G.S., Mr. Bigglesworth, The Ace of Spades (don't ask), Cuddly, there's more I just can't remember them....
Age: 18
Birthday: April 22
Sign: Taurus
Natural hair color: Dark Brown
Current hair color: Dark Brown-Black
Eye color: Green
Birthplace: Washington D.C.

[ favorites ]

Number: 3, 13, 313
Color: Blue or Green
Day: Saturday
Month: April
Song: Don't Really have one
Movie: The Professional, The Shawshank Redemption, ummm...Lots I'm kind a movie buff
Food: PIZZA!!!! (double cheese, regular Crust from Papa Johns), Lobster (mmm... lobster), or Tony Romas Baby Back Ribs
Band: I have Eclectic Tastes (excluding country)
Season: Early Spring
Drink: COKE!!!!!
Store: Don't have one
Word: Hiyo!
Animal: Bearded Dragon
Flower: Japanese Iris
State: Florida is nice But North Carolina is definitely my Favorite

[ this or that ]

Me/You: Huh? what kind of Question is this?
Coke/Pepsi: COKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111oneoneoneone
Day/night: Night
CD/cassette: CD.
Jeans/khakis: Jeans.
Car/truck: Car.
Tall/short: Tall
Lunch/dinner: Dinner
Silver/Gold: Silver

[ future ]

How old will you be when you graduate? College or High School? I've already graduated High School, and if I keep at my current Pace I should get my BA in 2-3 years
What do you want to be?: dang if I know
What is one of your dreams?: to be genuinely Happy
Where will you be in 25 years? Either Poor or Rich, or Dead

[ other ]

Do you write in cursive or print? Print ( Ill get you some day cursive!!!)
Are you a lefty or a righty? Righty.
Do you drive? Not yet
Do you have glasses or braces? Prescription sunglasses
Did you like this survey? Meh I've seen Better