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~Suzaku Forge~ Custom Bladesmiths

Symbol of the martial spirit (Budo) of old Japan is the warrior's principal weapon, his sword. There are two traditional tests of a fine blade: first, it should be able to cut a common blade in two without its edge being nicked; second, if it is held in running water with the edge up stream and a lotus is allowed to float against it the stem should be cut in twain. ALL of our blades will pass these test or the blade is yours at no cost.

EVERY blade we make is made custom we do not sell pre-made swords, you make an order and we build it for you according to your specifications...

*Daisho: Katana and Wakizashi (longsword, and shortsword): 10000
*Daisho: Tachi and Tanto (Dress longsword, and dagger): 15000
*No-Daichi (8 foot long great sword, popular in 14th century Japan): 20000
*Ken: originally a Chinese design that transfered to japan in the 8th century AD it was the double edge forerunner to the Katana: 800
Custom: from 10000 to 1000000

~Tsuba (guard) Designs~
*Phoenix +500
*Dragon +600
*Heron +700
*Dragonfly +400
*Blank (a plain circular tsuba) +0
*Custom + 100 - 1000

~Ha (Blade) composition~
*Maru-kitae: all hard; effective weapon but heavy +100
*Wariha tetsu kitae: only the edge hardened; a good balance of efficency and weight: +0
*Kobuse san mai kitae: Sknin and edge hard, back and core soft; more robust than Wariha testsu kitae, but also heavier +200

~Ha (Blade) material~
Stainless Steel -100
Meteorite steel +100
Damascus steel +0
Zirconium +1000
Titanium +500
Silver +1000 -\
Mithral +10000 > Must be ordered not stored in shop

~Same and Grip~

-Handle Material-
*Bamboo: standard material +0
*Pine: basic handle material +10
*Walnut: a harder and more rubust wood +50
*Black Ironwood: the second stongest handl materal we sell, will last a life time +100
*Ebony: guaruteed to last forever, and take a beating during that time +500

-Same (Natural, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, White, and Black)-
Shark skin +5
Rayskin +0
artifical -10
Dragon skin +100

Silk (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, White, and Black) +0
Platium twine +1000 \
Silver twine +500       \
Gold twine +800          > Must be ordered not stored in shop
Mithral twine +10000 /

~Saya (scabbard)~
Bamboo +0
Pine +0
walnut +100
Ebony +300
Custom +100-1000

~Engraving (on Ha, Tsuba, or Saya)~
Standard Engraving (per square inch): 100
Inlaying (Per square Inch, and metal required): 500
Decorative Runes: 100
Activated Runes (Wind, Water, Fire, Earth, and Spirit): 1000 per Rune

Master Bladesmith: Dante313
apprentice: __________
apprentice: __________