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-MK-XII Morrigu Main Battle Tank-

Weight: 55.0 metric tons
Length not counting gun): 9.8 meters 
Crew: 2 (Driver, Commander/Gunner)
Engine: 1,200 hp 16-cyl. turbo-diesel engine
Maximum Governed Speed: 80 km/hr 
Speed Cross-Country: 60 km/hr 
Speed 10% Slope: 35 km/hr 
Speed 60% Slope: 10 km/hr 
Power/Weight: 24 hp/tn
Range: 500 km (cruising)

-Obstacle Negotiation-
Fording depth: 2 m
Trench width: 4 m
Vertical obstacle: 2 m
Maximum gradient: 70°

Main Weapon: 105mm 3B13M (Binary Gel Injection Pseudo Recoilless) smoothbore gyro-stabilized Cannon (integrated CASE -cellular Ammunition Storage Equipment- and MK-5 High Speed Auto loader)
Rate of fire: 10-12 rounds/min
Ammunition: 40 rounds
Ammunition Types: APFSDS, HEAT, HEF, and ATGM
Commander’s Weapon: Browning M2 HB .50BMG (1500 rnds)

NBC Protection: 200 SFM, clean cooled air 
Rangefinder: laser
Night Vision: FLIR, and Passive Night Vision Systems
Jammers: Imbedded "Slicks" System
Other: auto-fire-fighting equipment, and air conditioning
Cost (per unit): 4.5 million

SLICS- Squad Level Integration and Countermeasures System- ("Slicks")

The SLICS is a complex system of point level LOS and indirect networking among the high performance tactical computers. The Squad Net integrated each MK-13 into an operational unit and doctrine solution that was greater than the sum of its individual parts. Utilizing SLICS, an entire point of Morrigu's function as one greater effective unit, instead of as many lesser effective individual units. What one Unit knew or could see, sense, or detect, the entire point knew equally well. All information from one Unit is instantly available to every other member of the point. Hand off of munitions is done flawlessly between individual units. Entire squad level coordination of point defense against indirect fire munitions and TAC missiles was coordinated through each unit's microprocessors, giving instant information to the entire squad. SLICS also worked to integrate the EMS of the squad into one homogenous source, working to blend the point into the background and 'phase' it out of enemy targeting systems reach. emissions are carefully monitored by the SLICS and individuals were electro-magnetically 'bled' selectively to match their backgrounds at a constant rate, monitored both locally by the individual units which 'buddy check' each other several hundred times a second, to make sure that no EMS spikes were readily visible to the enemy. Target reference and engagement; target spotting, and integration into the mass of data, which became the norm. The entire Point works flawlessly and seamlessly as one mobile unit, pooling resources and operating on a squad level instead of an individual level, as had been the case before SLICS. Efficiency goes up dramatically, as combat losses decrease.

(slicks Upgrade for conventionalarmoroed units cost, 1 million Wa per point)

a Point: 5 Units

-M-11 105mm LRDAU Long-Range Direct Artillery Unit-

Weight: 3.5 tons 
Type: Towed Artillery 
Maximum Range: 30,000 meters (indirect) 3000 meters (Direct) 
Round per minute: 250 (theoretical) 12 (realisitic) 
Crew required: 2 (Gunner, and Technition) 
Barrel: Hardchromed Pollygonal Bore 1::12 right hand 
Ammunition:(6 round Cylinder, manually reloaded) 
Proplellant: 2 x 10 gallon armored tanks containing the components for the Bianary proplellant (enough for 30 rounds at Full Velocity) 
Cost(Per Unit): ~870,000 Wa (2 Wa to the dollar, aproximate US price is:435,000 USD) 

The Phoenix Assault Gun is a R&D colllaboration Between The Holy Empire Of Lumis, and The Armed Republic of Telcordia. the PAG was designed to fill the role of Both Indirect long Range Artillery, and as a Direct anti-armor weapon system for both Armies and for export to allies of the Phoenix Collective. 

The PAG is linked to a simple, yet "high-tech" Targeting system relying on Laser and and optical aiming systems for direct Fire, and GPS, and foreward observers for Long range Indirect Fire. A wide Range of Projectiles are available. the weapon is loaded by placeing six rounds into the cylindrical autoloader, then as the rounds are fired the crew reloads the cylinder, much like a revolver with a side gate. As the cylinder rotates this helps keep barrel heat down and allows for continious fire on enemy positions. 

The 105mm rounds are 'caseless' in only the strictest sense of the word, because the weapon is operated on the Gel injection pseudo recoilless principle using a series of computer controlled injectors to deliver a small supply of M4HEE Bianary Gel propellant into the action of the weapon (this is detonated using a small electric charge), the amount is determined by several criteria; range to target, target armor capacity, target hit location, target speed, target facing, and direct or indirect fire mode. The tougher or farther away the target was, the more gel propellant is required and the greater the recoil. Velocity is variable depending on what is required and can range from an easy overhand indirect launch/toss to an atmosphere scorching eight klicks per second. Range is phenomenal almost 30000 meters at full velocity. 

-Hekate IFV Infantry Fighting Vehicle-

-stats coming soon pre-orders available-
Cost per unit: 1,500,000
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