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-Official Release-

International Briefing on the Telcordian Expeditionary Force



Telcordian Expeditionary Force (TEF)- (not includeing support Personel/Vehicles)

2,000,000 Infantry

200 Morrigu MBT's

300 Charon IFV's 

100 LRDAU Artillery

75 Longbow Dropships (carries a full platoon)

75 Viper Automated Air Defense Network Quick Deployment Systems

10 HAT-SAM (High Altitude Tactical Surface-to-Air Missile)






The New Telcordian DBDU-1 (Digital Battle Dress Uniform Model 1) (a modified Type-3 Battle Suit created by Clairmont, and built under licensed in Telcordia). Is equipped with a Proto-Fuel Cell that provides enough to power the suits: Com., Camera, and OPSAT for up to 30 days without replacement. The suit also contains sophisticated heating, and cooling systems in order to keep the soldier comfortable in temperatures ranging from 105* F to -40* F along with a built in EMHIU (Emergency Medical Hypo-Injection Unit) or as its affectionately called the "Emu”. Which can provide assist a medical technician with keeping a soldier stabilized in the case of battle field injuries, or to allow a solider to ignore minor injuries and keep going (thanks to the new Stim Mk-4) and is located on the right forearm. On the left fore arm is the DIA (Digital Interface Armband) that allows the solider not only to adjust his suits temperature and interact with the HUD,


The DBDU is made entirely out of 7mm of flexible armor composed primarily of High Strength Ballistic Weave Fibers; which contain a large amount of genetically harvested arachnid silk. Making it very effective in stopping conventional small arms fire, and high velocity fragmentation protection. An internal ling of HAZMAT grade Puncture resistant plastic (Tyvek ‘F' material supplied by Du Pont) protects the sealed suit (and its occupant) from all Known  Biological, and Chemical weapons as well as Nuclear fall-out. The Outer layer is a mix of IR absorbing Fibers suits IR signature Is significantly lower than 90% of Military BDU's 


The helmet contains the OPSAT (Operational Satellite uplink) which provides the soldier (through the HUD) not only communications to any point on the globe, but relevant maps and target info, as well as satellite imagery. The helmet also has an attached personal Camera/Image Intensifier w/ Digital Zoom (to replace bulky Night Vision systems and Binoculars) that can transmit live footage for either the squad Comms net for viewing at the corner of the other squad members HUD's or to the combat command center.  Also shown on the helmet’s HUD is a weapons system link, which provides information on ammunition, and a projected crosshair.  The outer Bullet resistant screen (where the HUD is projected onto) is covered Coating that adjusts to sudden light changes, kind of like a welder's mask to protect against laser and flash bang blinding.  Also a battlefield computer system with personal IFF helps with keep friendly fire incidents to a minimum.   Finally built into the Helmet is an extremely effective air purifier, which protects the wearer from Bio/Chem. weapons.


The Armored Back Pack (a thin titanium shell to protect the contents from being crushed) is capable of carrying 10 days worth of MRE’s and a one gallon of Purified water (there is a built in water purifier to allow a solider to pick up water from any source, then purify it) a hydration tube runs into the soldiers helmet to allow access to fresh water at any time. located next to the water storage tank is a nutrient/vitamin/protein or N/V/P pouch which contains a mix of liquid  supplements to the soldiers water allowing for them to conserve food by only having to eat 2 meals a day (they have a dinner and a breakfast, and if field conditions allow a full meal when they have time to make camp) this method also allows them to "eat" during extended patrols, and during Chem, and Bio attacks without haveing to remove their helmet.  Located on the right side is its Satellite Uplink Antennae, which is lightly armored to protect it from shrapnel, but is rather vulnerable to small arms fire. All electronics are EMP hardened and are easily replaceable due to modular design.




-The Talon M7 Assault Rifle-

Caliber: 6mm HV/CAPSRO
Operation: Gas, Piston
Safety: Selector; safe/fire
Sights: 1-3.5x ACOG, wind/elev adjustable, backup (folding) iron sights
Barrel: 19"
Weight: 10 lbs
Magazine Capacity: 45, 30, 15 round detachable box
Modes of Fire: Safe, Semi-automatic, fully automatic
Cyclic Rate: 600 rpm

Issued to all Non-support Infantry

The Talon ranks among the world's most advanced assault rifles. The rifle's Variable Magnification ACOG sight enhances accuracy, making it an ideal weapon for quick target engagement and precision accuracy. Its bullpup design allows for easy operations in tight space situations, while its low recoil and patented features enable better protection and control during firing.

The Talon is a 6mm caliber, gas-operated bullpup rifle. The 1:7" twist Polygonal Match grade barrel enables the soldier to fire its 6x50mm HV/CAPRO ammunition at better accuracy over longer distances. Extensive use of high strength engineering plastics and composites makes the Talon compact, and rugged. under the skin, the Talon is based heavily on the tried-and-true Kalashnikov gas operation system. In place of a selector switch it uses a "pull-through" trigger system. which Fires semi-automatic when pulled halfway to a clearly felt point, and fires fully automatic when pulled fully back.

To provide added protection, the Talon has incorporated a patented high pressure vent hole at the chamber and a composite plate at the cheek rest. Ergonomically designed, perfectly balanced with high accuracy and low recoil, the Talon is ideally suited for the modern combat rifleman.

Also built into the stock of the weapon is small compartment Capable of holding the EEP (Emergency Equipment Pack) ((considered aptly named by the soldiers who use them as that is usually the sound made by the unfortunate soldier should they require its use))

The EEP contains:

6x50mm High-Velocity/Caseless Armor Piercing Saboted Reverse Ogive (HV/CAPSRO)
Velocity (fps): 4000fps
Bullet Mass (gr): 65

the rather unusual round of the Talon series Rifles are the result of the decade long AIM project (Advanced Infantry Munitions Project) and are HIGHLY effective on the modern battlefield and have proven their worth against both Unarmored and Medium to Heavily armored Infantry. while inherently expensive though cost effective as a single round creates a temporary and permanent wound channel 10 times that of the AK-74's 5.45x39mm Russian (meaning even a hit to a extremity has an extremely high likely hood of the enemy soldier requiring removal from the battlefield for treatment or death due to rapid blood loss) this mixed with the inherent accuracy of the Match grade barrel of the M7 allow for effective Medium to Long range shots

The reverse ogive is an Accelerated Energy Transfer (AET) bullet design. The shape known as a "reverse ogive" is similar to a curved, upside-down funnel. This ballistic phenomenon causes a bullet to produce a concave rather than convex pressure wave during supersonic flight. This creates a "belly flop" effect on impact, enhancing the bullet's knockdown ability. This also gives the bullet the ability to transfer most of its energy at a 90 degree angle throughout the bullet's path and wound channel. The general shape of the round allows for relatively low ricochet, low recoil, and excellent stopping power.

The APRO round is constructed of brass electro-chemically bonded to a Tungsten Carbide Penetrator in order to facilitate more than adequate Soft and Hard armor penetration.

M4 .45 Sidearm-

Weight w. empty mag 709 g (2.0 lb)
Weight fully loaded 885 g (2.0 lb)
Magazine capacity 15 rounds
Overall lenght 180 mm 
Height 130 mm
Width 34 mm
Barrel length 101.6 mm 
Firing pin safety / Locking safety
Manual safety (SA only)
Options Magazine diconnect - upwards manual safety (DA/SA)
Accessory rail MIL-STD 1913 (Picatinny)
 Fixed sights
3-dot tritium night sights