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Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains is from Brattleboro, VT. We formed somewhere around the beginning of the millenium out of Pat The Bunny's inability to just accept that he sucks at music. After a lot of shows with audiences that seemed pissed that we were performing, eventually we achieved enough success locally to have some kids seem into our songs and sing along with them and stuff. Eventually we were successful enough to launch a tour of the Northeast...during which we played a lot of shows where the audience seemed pissed that we were performing. Hopefully someday we'll be able to play in a town we've never been to before and the kids will like us.


there's not enough music that combines anger with dark humor, catchy melodies with screaming, and forties with intelligence.

while not arrogant enough to claim that we succeed, we make the attempt to put these different pieces together into songs that make the most sense when witnessed directly with a bunch of kids shouting and drinking and banging on overturned buckets and cardboard boxes.

johnny hobo and the freight trains: catchy like a punch in the face. for the more lonely children of the revolution, who like their politics with a healthy dose of nihilism that alternately destroys and loves itself and the world.

we come out on weekends to play for small crowds in ditches and abandoned buildings because we can most effectively fool ourselves into thinking that songs mean something in those contexts.

we like being lonely with someone else. we like people who know what we mean when we use the "A-word". and we hope to see you at the next parking lot we play in.