Every day, millions of homeless people all over the world fight to end the never-ending cycles of poverty and economic exhaustion through, as a start, the establishment of a house to live in. Every night, homeless people struggle to survive the cold weather, the hard floors, and the noisy streets to obtain what is commonly called a goodnight sleep. Homelessness is currently a widespread problem that affects millions of people world wide. Homelessness in Mexico City currently affects approximately 16 % of the population.



Who are we?

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    We are the American School Foundation ninth grade Honors English I class of 2006 students working on our community service project primarily addressing homelessness. Our team is comprised by Cecilio Velasco, Joshua Gonzales, Jorge Brake, Edward Lugo, and Ali Yahya.

What project did we develop and implement?

    Our community service project was composed of two parts:


Firstly, we organized a visit to three of the most important institutes in Mexico City devoted to homeless people. Throughout these visits we socially interacted with some of the inmates of each institution and got a complete insight of their way of life; furthermore, we used our communication skills to create a positive environment between our team and the aforementioned inmates of each institution.


Secondly, we recollected donations of personal products such as clothes, hygienic products, canned food, and bottled water. Furthermore, through some of the useful supplies we provided the inmates with, we provided them with inspiration and hope, and ultimately, leading to the personal success of at least one of the inmates of the visited institutions.


Anakid from Casa Alianza                             Homeless kid sleeps on the street floor

wearing a donated jacket

Why did we develop the implemented project?

  The purpose of this project was to promote the personal success of at least one individual of the visited institutions through the positive social interaction between the American School students and some of the inmates of the institutions, and through the donation of useful everyday life products to provide inspiration and hope to the inmates of the institutions.

Main Idea

    The project is comprised by two parts; Firstly, the visit to three of the major institutions for homeless people within Mexico City; our visit includes an insight on the way of life of inmates of the institution, as well as the use communication and social interaction with some of the people of the institution; and secondly, the donation of the recollected personal products to the visited institutions to provide inspiration and hope ultimately leading to the personal success of at least one individual of the visited institutions.

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