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My dear fatasses! -

Well, I have some school fatasses, all of which are cool. First of all there is Porker, he is a fat British guy with an ass period. Then there's Katie, she isn't fat, but she eats more than Porker! Well, I will describe the battle between them for food.

In a race for a hotdog, Katie wins because Porkers Jiggly tits slow him down. But when it comes to who can eat the most pure mustard sauce Porker wins, covering an unsuspecting victim in disgusting Pork Juice. Katie even steals food From Porker, she is a savage, MMMMMM look at those big beefy tits on porker, MMMMM Breast meat. I've got a sausage, Katie wanna eat it? And we all know Rob is bi, so yea he wants it.


Second Article -

Well... Our friend Christina wanted to be put here, she likes to scare speds, and piss them off, also she likes my sausage. Wow maybe Tim Fortin will learn not to mess with the "weirdly dressed" crazy ass, cool Chistina. RARRR!!! Hear the girl roar! Ohh no here comes tim, its a battle, ohh know whats that, is he crying, Christina wins by taping him the shoulder!


First article - How sam is like

1. She is nutty, and thick

2. She is hot and wet

3. She is smelly when not perfumed

4. She has black hair

5. She is Lumpy

6. She leaves stains

7. Sometimes she squirts