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This special service allows for you to add specific details to your chosen card design to make it more personal. This can include a small photo, a date, an age or a name. It is possible to have more than one kind of personalisation on your card, as long as the your chose design will allow this. Be sure to order a card in plenty of time as when your order is received it will be handmade from scratch with your chosen personalisation details. Please ensure that your phone number is included in your order should I need to contact you regarding your order.

Add an age or date to your chosen design, fantastic on their own, or couple with other personalisation to make something very individual!
A name can be added to a card, as shown in the picture on the left. Many of the cards featured in this website support this type of personalisation.
Why not add a phototo your card? Without a doubt this is the most personal type of personalisation, and perfect for someone special.
By Post
  1. Simply download our Personalised card order form by right clicking the link below and chosing 'Save Target As'
  2. Fill in the details required on the form using the instructions provided.
  3. Send the order form to the address included in the document.

By Email

  1. Download the order form in the same way as step one above.
  2. Fill in the details using word processing software
  3. Send the file as an attachment in an email with the subject 'Personalised Order Form' to
Download our order form by right clicking here and selecting 'Save Target As'