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                       Working for Gospel Oak   Labour Party                  






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          Cllr Raj Chada                                               Tel: 0207 284 4198

Email :                     

Surgeries : Every 2nd and 4th Saturday (11am –12pm) at Queens Crescent Community Centre

               Cllr Janet Guthrie                                              Tel : 0207 794 7459                        Surgeries : Every 1st and 3rd Saturday (12pm to 1pm) at xxxxxxxxx

We want your views………….                                                  

What do you think should be done to reduce crime in the Gospel Oak area?

  Send your views and ideas to Raj Chada.  Email him at or write to him c/o of the Town Hall, Judd Street, London WC1H 9JE






     Cllr John Mills                                               Tel : 0207 388 2259

Email :   

Surgeries : 1st Friday (6pm –7pm) at the Gospel Oak District Housing Office

          Glenda Jackson MP


  • Housing Repairs Service

Enforcement – including how the Council enforces planning or licensing decisions

  • Working with refugees

  • Working with Young People

  • Floods