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Apartment Cleaning

Georgia Janitorial is the only cleaning company in Georgia that caters primarily
to apartment properties.Our cleaning crews are trained to offer quality cleaning where other other companies fall short.
For example we pay special
attention to:
medicine cabinets
towel and tissue holders
corners of floors
light bulbs
a/c vents
cabinets drawers
behind refrigerator and stove
black filter on front of refrigerator
corners of floor
refrigerator basket
hood range and dishwasher
Utility areas:
light switches
water heater
sliding door track
A.C. closet
cobwebs on porch in front entrance
light fixtures fans
laundry rooms
patio storage room
A.C. vents
To ensure quality to our apartment clients, we employ a full-time supervisor who is responsible for inspecting each and every apartment we clean.If anything is missed by our cleaning crew, our supervisor takes care of it immediately.