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Update: Friday May 5, 2006
In order to look more professional, I have started a site news updater write off annual yeah. ^^;;; I mean an update board. Before I had just randomly updated stuff without telling anyone. Likewise I hardly updated at all...but that has changed. If you have or haven't noticed I have changed most if all broken images, and did a major overhall with the Sonic the hedgehog section of my site. Infact, I believe I have doubled the section in content. Also in some parts made it easier on the eyes. Check it out if you have time. Also, notice that my Custom Sonic Lyrics have been moved to the Sonic section for continuity. Sonic midis still in the same place as before, on the midi page. My original midis are there as well, mostly inspired by the music of Sonic the Hedgehog, among other games. For example, Simulated Suburbia was based on the music of Sim City 2000, while I also gave it an "act 2" version in the vein of Sonic music. However, I don't like Mac's and the newer Windows's systems midi instruments. I compose my midis using Quickscore on my Windows 95/98 (now) internetless computer, and I make the midis according to how those instruments sound. Like if I use the SFX Seashore instrument, it sounds like a gentle single surf slowly rising in volume. In these newer computer speakers it sounds like horrible immedient rushing water from a faucet. Ik. Worse, in newer speakers the SFX Applause sounds just like Seashore! >sigh< But anyway I'm losing track of what this is, an update board. *looks back over what he had typed* Yeah, I got carried away. But I had so much to say! Oh well. Be sure to check back in case of updates, any important ones I'll post here. See you soon! ~GT