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Theory and Conclusions

Okay, theory time. What if the Marble Garden Zone was built by an advanced fox (or Kitsune) civilization and not by the echidnas like some people have thought? Here’s how what I think happened. First the Foxes, ruled by what could be a Tikal-like rabbit, built the place with the help of another race, the Birds. (maybe the birds could be Flickys) The two races lived together for a really long time, like for centuries. Then one day a new head bird was put into power for his race, none other than “Woody”. But Woody was the general bad guy as you might say. He wanted to control everything. So he hatched a plan. (sorry for the pun) Woody flew to the river banks (yeah, there could have been a river in MGZ back then) and convinced a bunch of “clams” to attack the Foxes. These clams wouldn’t be your “brightest” organisms in the river so they did what Woody said. Turmoil followed. In all the chaos, Woody took the throne and the “Rabbit” was put in the dungeon or something. But then the Foxes and the Birds that weren’t Woody’s followers somehow triumphantly turned the tides on Woody and saved their “rabbit leader” in one big fight. Maybe the Foxes wore special helmets to protect them from the evil Birds’ pecking. With order restored, Woody and his followers were banished from the island and the Foxes and Birds lived peacefully once more.

Now let’s shift back to Sonic & Tails’s time. Maybe that because the leader was a “rabbit” could make up why Tails has a thing for Cream…or at least that’s what a lot of people want. Tails and Cream might be in love when they are older, maybe the won’t. Then there is the Birds race. I think their descendents are the Flickies. Maybe that’s why Super Tails has 4 Flickies circulating around him and that the Flickies are helping Tails out this way. And what became of Woody and his followers? Well their descendents did a lot of “island hopping” and they find a good enough island to stay permanently. Unfortunately, this happens to be Tails’s “secret” island. Tails comes back to find that these evil birds have taken over his island, and badda bing badda boom, Tails Adventure starts. This might explain why the birds hate Tails so much, just because he is a fox. All in all, this might make a good Sonic game storyline.


Why are you looking at me like that?

Ok, so it is just a crackpot theory based on my overactive imagination. But it is a darned good one I might say!