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Marble Garden hidden pictures

Okay. Here’s what I found in Marble Garden.

A regular screenshot to you? Nope. On the jutting landform Sonic & Tails are standing on, look at the blocks right under the grass. At first glance I thought that they were drawing of Tails (looking right) and Sonic’s (looking left) head!

(sorry on the quality on the above pic. It happened when I was changing it to gif) See? But on closer examination, it seemed that the “Tails” drawing had two long ears. It was a head shot of a rabbit! Still slightly puzzled, I went to another face I have found. Look at the center of the three-pronged rotating platforms.

Here it is with the colors inverted also. To me, it looks like a face with a strait mouth, eyebrows angled downwards towards the center, little beady eyes, and it has little tentacle things on the bottom to move. See it now?

And now for the coup-de-gree. I have found a lot more hidden images in the stones. Hieroglyphics, as you can say. At the bottom of this image, I copy and pasted some of the individual stones and numbered them. Here’s what I think.

1. Look kinda familiar? To the right is that rabbit I was talking about earlier. To the left, well isn’t sonic anymore. It looks like some kind of bird. And I made yet another discovery. Look at the lower corners of each block here. Heads of foxes! And I’m not talking about looking like Tails foxes. They are real looking foxes. Slender, not pudgy, like a real fox that you might see in a Fairy Tale Book or an Aesop’s Fables book. Interesting, huh? And these “foxes” appear on a lot of the stones.

2. These I would like to call “Woody”. The 2nd stone shows the top of the head of a bird with a long beak and on the top of the head a tall, fuzzy clump of feathers. This reminded me of Woody Woodpecker, hence the name “Woody”. The 1st stone (the taller one) shows Woody again with a larger beak cramped in the space of the stone in what looks like a fetal position if you ask me. Also, under closer examination the “body” of this Woody shows that it is also the face for Woody in the second stone.

3. Here’s to me a drawing of a cat, maybe a lion cub or something. In the upper left one I tried to outline the cat for you. It’s the best that I can do, okay? The bottom two stones show that this image is also shown cut in half sometimes.

4. Now this one is of Woody (on the left) again with his trademark big (open this time) beak and his poofy head feathers. And Woody is slyly talking to what looks like…a confused clam.

5. This one looks like a fish-like thing (maybe it’s the clam again) on the left attacking or trying to eat one of those foxes that’s looking right.

6. And now here’s what looks like, one of the Seven Dwarfs complete with a Dwarf hat and a long beard. And this one has a long nose like Pinocchio for some reason. Maybe I have watched too many Disney Movies. Also, this could be another of those foxes, only distorted.

7. Finally, these blocks have the foxes again, only that they each have a big, circular-like things on their heads. Are they helmets? Or are they big wigs? Maybe they are the elder foxes that have superior brains.

(don't worry if you don't see all of these, different people see different things)

My Theory and Conclusions-->