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Main Hidden Pics page

Welcome to the main page of my hidden pics archive!
Here I put a bunch of my findings that are too small to have their own page or what not. Enjoy!

Here we have Angel Island act 2. See the duck? If it helps I put in a blue arrow. See?

Now, here's a blown up version of the duck. He looks very freaky if you ask me.

And here's the foreground for those big building that you can go inside in Launch Base act 1. Note that if you look closely, you'll see that all the bricks are just many distorted robotnik heads!!! 0__0

Here's the Marble Zone from Sonic 1. Look at the frieze pattern on the forground building that's in the center of the screen. There are 4 Mario heads all in a row! It's a me! Mario! ^____^

Take a look at this common block of ice that you ride like a sled in the Ice Cap Zone. Am I crazy, or doesn't it look like a cat? You can clearly see the eyes, ears, everything. Also, the ends of the vertical shafts that crush you sorta have a cat face on them as well, although it is smooshed and harder to see. Didn't bother to take a pic of that one.

A long time ago, I used to have a website alliance with Da MuthaLovin Jman, where he had some of my work (like my custom sonic lyrics) and he allowed me to put up some screenshots from his site here. After his website got deleted (also hosted on Angelfire) I haven't really heard from him...but anyway back on topic. He said that one of the platforms in Lava Reef Zone Act 2 (pictured above) looked like Chaos. However, after closer inspection I saw something else. I noticed that it looked like NiGHTS. Also, right below it (but still on the platform) there is an outline of what looks like a chined person's head looking down, but the eyes are blocked by the NiGHTS like hat. One more, he has a mustache. Then all of a sudden the Chaos "eyes" turned into pointy foxish ears that reminded me of the Super Leaf powerup from Super Mario Bros. 3...the one that turns Mario into a racoon with ears sticking out of his hat. Now it is all starting to make sence...or as far as my outlandish theories go anyway.