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Cool Lava Reef Act 1!

Ever wondered what happens to Lava Reef Act 1 after you beat the boss? Well take a look.

Hmm...should I go on to Act 2? ...NAH! Let's go the other way Tails!

Yes Tails, that is the starpost right before the boss. Come on! Let's go exploring!

Ahh! What are we standing around for? That lava will rise up on us any second!

At least that giant drill bot survived. Lets get out of here before the ground collapses again.

Hey I just remembered something! Wait here Tails!

Just as I thought! The giant gold ring is still here too!

Look at all those traps...jeez, how does Knux do it?

I'll go a little farther and...ahh! Not him again! And the ground is already collasping!

First the drillbot tries to kill me again and now the monitors arn't working!

Tails can make it on his own! But how long will our fox hero last?

Alright boys and girls, now its time to tell you the hazzards of smoking...