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Favorite American Girl Site of the Month: Everything For Dolls

"My favorite web site is Everything For Dolls. They have the best trendy American Girl doll clothes
I've seen! I love it and my dolly loves it too!" --Emily, MI

Hi! I LOVE playing with dolls. I have all sorts of dolls but my favorite is the American
Girl Doll Collection. Here is a picture of me with my favorite American doll Kirsten.
I got a matching Capri outfit from a site Everything For Dolls that let's you submit
a picture of you wearing the outfit with your doll. Isn't that cool?

Of course you need a mom or grandma to buy the American Doll from the Pleasant
Company. They also have a store in Chicago that is AWESOME! You gotta go if
you haven't yet.

One of the neat things about the dolls is they each are a part of American history.

  • Felicty- 1770s
  • Josefina- 1824
  • Kirsten- 1854
  • Addy- Civil War 1864
  • Samantha- 1900s
  • Kit- 1930s
  • Molly- 1940s

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Do you have a favorite web site to buy American Girl clothes? Let me and others know.