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This is the Evolution of Innocence

Every decade has it's own genre of music, the 70's had it's disco, the 80's had it's retro, the 90's it's grunge and now in the new millennium we are seeing the return of a music style thought to be extinct, METAL!

The lads of 'Evolution of Innocence' With so many bands defining the term ‘metal' the window for new and different styles of metal has broadened. This change can certainly be heard in the music created by Evolution of Innocence.

Formed in late November of 2001, members Jason May (vocals, guitar), Mitch Oxford (guitar), Derek Verdecchia (bass), and Mike Hilgartner (percussions) have come together to create music which is not only heavy, but has a melodic feel. The music connects well with the crowd, grasping their attention in a positive heart pounding bass, and vocals that can either soothe you or cut through you like a knife. Evolution of Innocence have seemed to have discovered their own style of metal.

Having looked up to the music styles of Tool, Deftones, System Of A Down, Pink Floyd, as well as many others, these guys have stumbled across the kind of music that they feel most comfortable playing, as well as a style to get the true emotion of the songs to the audience. The four members all grew up in the small town of Mt. Forest, Ontario, Canada, about 2 hrs. north of any real city, but have family extending from Sault Ste. Marie to Newfoundland. In November of 2002, the guys went into the studio to record an EP disc in order to better capture the music that they create. Tolerate, On the Rise, Buried, and Burden were the 4 songs they chose to be put on the disc and they gave it the name Rebirth to try and give an understanding to what they want to say as musicians. Their message is that no matter how 'hybrid' the music industry seems to think it is, there will always be cleaner styles of music out there and not just carbon copies of the 'nu-metal' movement. Everyone should approach music with an open mind and to listen for things that maybe the corporate puppeteers can't hear. Music is art and art is business, but don't try to take the art away from it all.

With just over a year under their belts, Evolution Of Innocence have wrote a strong collection of songs that will either let you escape to another place or just let you bang your head and remember what head banging was introduced to the world for. As these guys grow as a band and as individuals, the feeling of the music will always have the sense of melody that the world of metal has taken for granted but will soon have their eyes opened to once again.

Chris "Oscar" Meyer
Band Correspondent and Webmaster

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