I am sorry to announce, that my personal computer has died. As you might expect, this is setting me back quite a bit with my writing. At the moment, I am using the family computer. Along with my computer, the disk which contains Stimulus, and more importantly, Stimulus Chapter Seven (as well as all of my essential notes) was eaten and destroyed. I am going to have to rewrite Chapter Seven (which was my favorite chapter! Noooo!) from hand. Then type it up on this ancient piece of machinery in front of me. That is, unless my A-Drive takes pity on me and fixes itself. * Sigh * I'm going to try and get a replacement.

Well.I'm sorry for the bad news, but I will keep writing. It will just take a lot longer. I am determined, even if more than a little upset.

If anyone understands how to fix an A drive. Review.

And review to boost my drooping esteem.

* sigh *

Not even Farfie could cheer me up...

I really loved that chapter!

~Downcast, Eternity's End