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//This is a memory or dream sequence.// 'This is thought.'

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Chapter Six:

A wave of simultaneous guilt and fear washed over Aya. A normal person would have been knocked over by the intensity. The last time Aya felt something at this level, it had knocked him over. However, the huge explosion and physical damage he had sustained prior to that event may have contributed to the effect.

This time, Aya thanked the powers that be that he retained his footing. The lengthy drop to the ground below was intimidating. Even to a callous bastard like himself.

The sight wasn't nearly as scary as Youji, though. Nothing was.

It seemed an eternity, the time between spotting the crumpled body and actually reaching it. He was so sure he was dead. So sure the skinny chest was stilled permanently. Aya was so sure he'd killed himself.

But turning over the corpse released a hiss of air. Just enough to tell that Youji was alive. Aya was relieved. Just as, in a sickening way, he was relieved to note the damage to his face. He hadn't done it to himself. Youji hadn't hurt himself this time.

'Then who did?' The thought occurred to him, blinding him with anger. 'Youji safe first, bastard dead second,' he decided after a short amount of time. He'd get revenge for whatever his friend had been put through. He'd get revenge for what he was being put through.

"Really wish I knew what was going on," Aya hissed at Youji, straightening limbs so he could examine the damage more clearly.

'Shit.' After a quick assessment and a dumbfounded moment, he recognized the early stages of shock. But the trickle of blood flowing from Youji's ear had also caught his attention. Neither boded well. Aya was all too experienced with head injuries; the signature of internal bleeding did nothing to reassure him.

The split lip and rapidly forming bruise were the least of his worries. Aya was going to kill someone for this. The unnamed perpetrator, for doing this to Youji. Ken and Omi, for leaving him to deal alone. Youji, for getting into this situation. And lastly, himself, for not finding a way to avoid the situation. All of them seemed possibilities at the moment. A/N: Wow. This was the shortest thing yet *only 365 words of content *, wasn't it. But don't worry. More will come this weekend. I'm going to write a lot more tonight. I have so much planned. It would get crowded.and its just been a while since I posted. Pathetic that this bit took me so long to write, isn't it? Give me reviews. I really need the boost right now. * Huddles in corner. * Why does life always have to be so shitty?