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//This is a memory or dream sequence.// 'This is thought.'

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Chapter Five:

Aya stood atop the wide expanse of roof, eyes sweeping back and forth for any sign of movement. 'Where the hell did he go?' he wondered, sorely tempted to call out to the man.

But that wouldn't do. Youji was running ~from~ him. He was obviously afraid. Calling out in anger would only worsen the abysmal state. 'At least it would get some movement,' Aya thought, slightly bitter.

"That fucking idiot." He allowed himself a quiet vent of frustrations. "What does he think he's doing?" Aya's muttering was tightly contained, but the voice still screamed of violent anger. "Which way did he go?" After a long moment of pondering, intermingled with curses on the skittish blonde, Aya decided to go straight. Youji, for the most part, wanted to put distance between them. Going straight would have been the most efficient route. 'Not that Youji is thinking clearly enough for efficiency,' Aya growled at himself. He really didn't need this. 'Why did he chose the rooftops?' he wondered, calming himself with a set question. 'He knows I'm better at roof hopping.' He trailed off, only led to one conclusion. 'Does he ~want~ to get caught?' It seemed unlikely, but it was the only thing he could think of.

"Ah, fuck it!" Aya shouted in disgust, all thoughts of scaring the blonde gone. 'He isn't here anyway. I can shout all I want,' Aya growled in his head. 'Not that I shout much.' With a practiced ease, Aya started into an easy lope across the rooftops. Periodically, he'd jump the drop to the alleyways, landing carefully before running again. 'I have better things to be doing!' Youji thought he was scared. Oh, no. He'd give Youji something to be scared about.

"Should never have come up here." Youji wheezed, landing a shaky foot on the next rooftop. He was in no shape, physically or otherwise, to be running, let alone jumping rooftops.

'Aya'll be sure to catch me at this pace,' he worried, shuddering at the thought. He didn't know why Aya suddenly scared him, but he did nonetheless.

'I want to go back down. Ground is better than air,' he whimpered to himself. But something coaxed him onward. Something he named as a fear of Aya. 'If I go down, he'll surely be waiting.' Youji's thoughts trailed off. 'But if I keep going like this, he's going to catch me!' He worried some more. He didn't take the time to notice the lack of logic in his decisions.

Schuldig jumped from top to top, exhibiting amazing talent at the task. 'Why do they need to run across each one when I can do it in one jump?' he wondered. Eventually, he came to the answer. 'Guess they aren't as great as I am.' He grinned, excited about seeing his pet again.

Youji stumbled once, nearly falling from the rooftops. A familiar presence was sneaking up on him. The presence unnerved him, effectively causing him to lose his footing. Youji fell, toppling over the edge of the building.

'Tsk, tsk, tsk.' The voice sounded in his head. 'I just can't leave you alone for a moment, can I?' Strong arms wrapped around his torso, saving him from the long plummet. "Shh.I'm here now," he hushed, pulling him back from the edge and turning Youji around in his arms. "Did you miss me?"

Youji was met with a shock of orange hair and a taut, white bandana as the shorter man held him in his arms. "Sch..Schuldig." Youji's voice was weak with fear. "Schuldig." He tried to sound a bit more secure. He knew he failed.

Despite his weak voice, Youji was confident in his ability to push away. He tried. He failed in that too. "I'm glad you remember me." Schuldig only tightened his hold, pinning Youji's arms between their chests. "I'm glad." His voice was husky against his ear. Youji stiffened. Schuldig's hot breath on his ear was the equivalent of a bound restraint. Fear stiffened in his joints; Youji couldn't move.

"Leh.Lehgo." Youji helplessly tried to squirm free. Even his tongue was disobeying him, leaving him unable to gather the proper syllables to say more.

"I don't really want to." Schuldig's tongue lapped at the outer shell of his ear. "I ~really~ missed you." Youji wished he hadn't cleaned his ears. At least then he could've fought back with a healthy buildup of earwax.

"St.stop, please?" Youji wanted to tell him to let him be. Instead, he ended up asking a polite request. Schuldig suckled the ear lobe slightly between warm lips.

'Come on. You can do better than that.' Schuldig's mouth was busy. He preferred to use his mind anyway. 'Scream for me.' His tongue was abruptly shoved into the smallest cavern of his ear. 'Maybe then I'll let you go.' He giggled internally, obviously enjoying this.

"I came to get you." Schuldig's tongue slipped back into its mouth. "We, all of us, wanted to have a play-date." He elaborated. "Do you want to come play? Farfarello never got to finish, you know." Each word was followed by a lick, slowly moving towards his mouth.

'No!' The coherent thought broke through Youji's panic stricken mind.

"Or." Schuldig offered Youji a perverted sense of hope. "Would you rather." The immediate sense of hope brought by 'or' was immediately doused. "Stay here and play, just the two of us?" His tongue had made it all the way to Youji's lips, forcing entry with no hesitation. "I really think we should put that bod to use before letting them mangle it again." Youji shuddered violently. Schuldig chuckled, holding him tight to his chest.

"Damn it!" Aya swore so loudly, he thought it echoed, even in the crowded area surrounding him. He was fed up with the hunt, yet simultaneously desperate to have Youji safe. 'Where the hell has he gone?' he wondered. 'What am I going to do?'

Aya was more than pissed. If Youji had gone home, Aya swore he'd commit murder, even without an order. But similarly, if he turned around now, only to find Youji's body in the obituaries a week later, he'd kill himself with guilt. So there was only one thing to do. And that was to keep looking.

'If I hadn't spent so much time talking to those little brats.' he chastised himself, unconsciously thanking God Aya-chan wasn't like that. 'And if I hadn't spent so much time deciding which way to go.' Aya was as angry at himself as he was at Youji. He should never have been able to get out of his sight. With an even deeper scowl, Aya continued onward.

"He better not have hurt himself again," Aya hissed at nobody. Yes, again. It hadn't taken him long to conclude the source of wounds. What else was possible when the victim was a sick and/or depressed man who hadn't interacted with people as of late? Ken wouldn't do it. Omi couldn't have. And Aya hadn't done it, either; the possibilities were limited. 'But I had a hand in it.' Aya felt the familiar guilt-complex fall into place. 'If I hadn't turned him away, none of this would have happened.'

Shaking it away, Aya set his thoughts on a different path: sarcasm. 'So Youji's a masochist. That's just fabulous. That ~really~ helps the team, I'm sure.' But the forced anger that had been backing his thoughts dissipated. Aya really wished he'd kept his nose out of it. This was exactly why he always kept quiet. He didn't want to put up with this! 'Once Youji's back and either dead at my hands or safe, everything will be back to normal,' he decided. Everything would be back to normal soon.

But for now, he'd allow himself to care.

Schuldig's comment echoed in his head. Youji made one attempt after another to free himself, but only succeeded in either irritating or amusing Schuldig. He could never be sure which. 'Calm, kitten. Enjoy,' his voice soothed in his head. The sound only made Youji jerk away harder, wanting freedom more than anything he'd ever wanted. 'You'll be safe. Promise,' he whispered internally. Youji's eyes went wide at the words. He sincerely doubted it.

"Hnnnn!" Youji tried to head butt Schuldig from himself. He succeeded only in gaining a sore forehead and a tongue farther down his throat. Involuntarily, bile rose in his throat, trying to escape from his twisted stomach.

"You little shit!" Schuldig pulled away, sputtering to get the bitter taste away. "What the hell are you doing!" The promise of safety was immediately breached, a fist flying into Youji's face.

A wet crack sounded as Youji tipped. His body went limp even before his skull collided with the graveled rooftop below. "Oh shit," Schuldig cursed, seeing Youji's limp form, a river of blood flowing from his ear. "I didn't do it," he muttered, jumping the huge distance to the ground and running from the scene of the crime. Brad was going to be pissed.

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