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Chapter Eleven

Youjiís Point Of View:

A key part of being an assassin is relying on instincts. Hell, who am I kidding, a key part of me is relying on my instincts.

I can count on both hands the number of times theyíve led me astray. If you disregard all instinctual decisions involving Asuka, only one hand is needed. Discredit alcohol-related incidents and theyíve never led me wrong.

I guess thatís why Iím taking this so badly.

My instincts arenít working lately. Iím jumping at the slightest movement, cringing at the slightest touch. I threw flowers at my doctor! Its embarrassing and unnerving and I just canít seem to adjust.

They say its normal after a trauma such as mine.


Right. Rape. Weird, huh. Youíd think I would remember that. Funnier still is the fact that I think I do. Or at least, I did remember it. But not now. Maybe it isnít so funny. A blow to the head can induce amnesia. Internal bleeding and all that, the effects can be devastating. Iím lucky to get away with however little that I have. Lucky. Me. Raped with no memory of it. Right.

The others, theyíve noticed that my instincts are out of sorts. Or at least I think they did. Maybe they just think its me. Ayaís being weird about all of it. He was a bastard to the doctor. Not that heís not normally a bastard, but he was really bastard-y. He doesnít like doctors. Hospitals either. Guess its too much to ask that he actually care or anything.

Yeah, definitely too much.

But heís getting me out of here. Theyíre filling out papers right now. Heís handling the bill. I wonder how much extra heís going to tag me for doing this generous service. Ugh, so much for the new interior for Seven.

Omiís looking at me. I donít know whatís so interesting. I looked in the mirror when they let me change. Guess they think that a male rape victim doesnít want to be walking around with his ass bare to the world. Stupid gowns, why do they make them like that?

Omiís still looking at me. Ken went with Crumple-Nose and Aya. Okay, so that was mean. Heís my doctor, even if he has a funny nose. Thereís a story behind that, Iíd bet. Thereís always a story.

I wish Omi had gone with them. I really donít think he wants me out of the hospital. Heís an expert at the puppy dog eyes. Its really weird to be on the receiving end of them. Especially when theyíre pitying you, not begging.

I wish Ken had stayed. He seemed to find this entire situation entertaining. No sympathy. Even if I want to hurt him for laughing at me.

Even Aya would be better than these puppy eyes. But heís handling billing. Crumple-NoseÖerÖthe doctor said something about the shop being an unsafe environment. Heís obviously never been there. We keep up with all the safety regulations. Being sued would be a major pain, itíd attract too much attention. Anyway, Aya will take care of everything. Heís good in professional mode. Even if heís a bastard about it.

Theyíre back. Doctor Splint, ah yes, a much better name, Doctor Splint is looking disapproving again. Ayaís keeping himself between the doctor and me. Omiís keeping himself between the doctor and Aya. Kenís looking out of place. If this werenít so uncomfortable, itíd be funny. But Iím back in my clothes. Modest ones at that. Itís not nearly as uncomfortable as it had been. Maybe Iím back in control?

No, spoke too soon. That was stupid of me. Flinched. Coward. He was just giving me a paper to sign. Kudou Youji. There, done and done. No reason to squirm. Nothing to be afraid of.

Can I get out of here now? The doctor nodded. Heís giving me more directions. Aya has them all apparently.

Aya. Why Aya and not Omi? Donít they know Omi likes playing mother hen? No, apparently not.

Bed rest is in order. I like those words. Sleep. Being doted on. Having my every whim catered to. Being able to complain freely.

Only a few days of bed rest, though. Nyeh to him.

I have to work out my aches and exercise is the best way to do so? I donít like where this conversation is headed. I get plenty of exercise on missions. Until then, Iím allowed to be lazy.

No heavy lifting, donít move too fast, reading might make me dizzy? Okay, these I can work with. Excuse fodder.

Post Concussion Syndrome. PCS, heh, phone company.

Am I comfortable walking out of here? Hell, yes!

Too enthusiastic? Oh well.

Iím free to come back any time. Remember that. Yeah, yeah, I will. Not. A hospital is the last place I want to be. Theyíre beds are so tiny.

If anything goes wrong, contact them immediately. Iím being released strongly against their recommendation. Their? When did my doctor become a plural? Oh well.

Omiís leading the way. They brought Ayaís car, enough seats for us all. Do I want shot gun? Am I comfortable sitting in the back? The girls missed me. Great. Now even Kenís dishing out sympathy and acting all awkward.

Omiís already in mother mode. He has soup for me at home. Joy of joys. The creamy kind, Iíve gotten too skinny. And he threw out my cigarettes? Since when has he had the right to do this! Can we please, please, please stop at the convenience store on the way home? Aya wonít respond. Probably safest for him, I know heís secretly siding with me. He just doesnít want to oppose Mother-Omi. Heís scary when heís like that.

Ha! Kenís cowering. I guess the tensionís getting to him. Iím being a snotty brat. Ayaís being a cold bastard. Omiís being an overprotective chicken. Poor guy, but at least heís not laughing anymore. Or sympathizing.

Home. A nicotine free home. I donít think I like this place anymore. If I stayed at the hospital, Iím sure I could have at least gotten the patch. Its amazing how many doctors smoke. But Iím home at least. Familiar surroundings. And no work for a while. Iím sure I could even sucker Ken into bringing his little personal television set into my room. I should really get one of those for myself. Ah, well, thereís always time for that later. Mooching is just as good.

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