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Chapter Ten:

"He's awake!" Omi squealed down the hall, screeching to a halt in front of Ken's door. "He's awake, he's awake, he's awake!" He banged happily for a moment before moving on to Aya's.

"I told you he'd." The door swung open just as Omi's fist descended, leaving Aya with a face full of fist.

"I heard." He muttered, forcefully prying the hand away.

"Oh, okay." Omi shrugged slightly before skipping back to Ken's door.

"I'm going." Aya disappeared inside his room for a moment before returning, now sporting a jacket atop the oversized sweater.

"But.wait!" Omi yelped, making a mad dash for his own room for a coat. "I want to come!"

"Then come." Aya bit out, grabbing his keys and headed for the door.

Ken chose that moment to appear, boxer-clad and mumbling something about coffee.

"He's awake! Go get dressed! I'll make you some!" Omi offered, bouncing towards the kitchen. "Aya, don't you leave without us!" After a short glower and a growl, Aya changed course for the living room, flopping down on the sofa to wait. Omi appeared a second later, sporting a confused expression. "Where's the coffee grounds?" He asked. Shrugging, he returned to the kitchen. "I think I remember where Ken keeps the instant stuff. Maybe I'll make myself some for myself."

"Mister Kudou," A doctor pleaded, his hands open in a neutral gesture. Youji backed farther into the corner, shaking his head and mumbling to himself. "Mister Kudou!" He tried again.

Youji tripped backwards over the cart that held his IV drip, the metal stand clattered, the needle imbedded in his elbow pulled painfully, the tape tearing away from the delicate skin. Youji attempted to protest audibly, but his body was refusing to function. After the initial shock of waking up in an unfamiliar phase had passed, Youji had reverted to his fearful demeanor. He wanted to know where he was. He wanted to know why he had bandages over healing wounds. He wanted to know why he was filled with this irrational fear. He didn't want to be approached. But the doctor was doing just that, leaving Youji jittery. Although he visibly shied away from the man with the splinted nose, he was too stubborn to ask him to stop. It never occurred to him to voice his fears, and instead found himself searching the room for anything resembling a weapon.

"Now, I know you may be frightened, but I assure you, I am perfectly safe. I'm your doctor, and I'd never do anything to hurt you. I just want to take a look at your injuries and ask you a few questions. Now, how about you get back in bed before." The man spoke in a soothing voice, his hands open the entire time, revealing he held no weapon.

The doctor stepped back defensively as he watched Youji stand and lunge for something in one graceful motion. Youji bit his lip hesitantly, unsure as he laid hands on the glass pitcher filled with fresh cut flowers.

"Shit!" The doctor cursed loudly as the pitcher shattered against the wall behind him. Although he'd avoided injury, he'd been startled and was now covered with water and an floral assortment. "What was that for?" The doctor snapped without thinking.

Youji immediately regretted his actions. "Eh." He unconsciously curled, shuffling until his back was wedged between into the angle of the walls. "S.n." He couldn't seem to work his tongue, it being clenched between his back teeth.

"Ah, no." The doctor shook his head, reorienting himself. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have yelled. Would you please get back in bed?" He shook a few droplets of water from his sleeves. "If you would prefer, we can talk a bit before your check-up."

Youji immediately scrambled to obey, climbing into the bed and tucking blankets securely around his legs. He was disgusted at how weak willed he seemed, but relief that the man wasn't upset out weighed any of it. Making no move to speak, he simply nodded, wringing the extra bit of sheet between his hands. If all else failed, he could probably defend himself with the makeshift noose.

"Now Youji," The doctor placed a hand over his own shaking pair. "Calm down, I am just here to help." Youji pulled his hands away, loosing his stopgap weapon but unwilling to retain contact. The doctor had set himself down on the chair beside the bed, removing his hand from the blankets he grabbed for the clipboard hanging on the wall.

"So," His soothing tone turned upbeat in the blink of an eye. "It seems your injuries are healing nicely." He smiled; Youji cringed in response. "They still hurt?" The doctor chuckled, mistaking the cringe as response to his injuries, rather than the smile.

"I'll have the nurse bring some painkillers in a bit. We're confident that any internal bleeding you had has passed, and will no longer pose a problem. Recent tests we've done show that your brain activity is normal. No problems there." Youji listened to the doctor drone on, hearing but not comprehending. He couldn't pinpoint why he was injured. Extensive thought on the issue brought him scraps of emotions and pictures, but no real explanation. Youji hadn't realized he'd zoned out, but the next few words snapped him back to reality. "don't have to get over it. Something as traumatic as rape isn't easy to deal with, but you should know there are people you can talk to. I'd like you to see our resident rape counselor, and possibly a psychiatrist. Such information as the identity of your attacker and whether you want to press charges will be dealt with later, but for now, just tell me. How are you feeling?" Youji stared blankly at the kind face. The word 'rape' wasn't quite settled in his mind.

"I." The doctor watched as Youji began to speak, but witnessing the overeager listener, Youji stopped. 'I don't know anything.' He admitted to himself. 'But I don't know if he should know that.' He briefly scanned the room, hoping for any sign that would tell him what to do. "I don't really remember." He admitted, his voice trembling. The doctor's face fell farther. "When."

"That's okay." The doctor moved to pat his hand again. Youji flinched visibly and the doctor pressed his hands together instead. "You were admitted a while after the attack, for a head wound, and any drugs that may have been used had passed through your system. If there were drugs, they would have affected your memory." The doctor seemed to run out of things to say, and Youji sighed in relief, thinking the man was about to leave.

"What we really need to address as an issue," The doctor paged through a stack attached to his clipboard, reorienting himself with names and specific details of the days passed. "Is the benefits of remaining with your current roommates. Although we are confident that they had no hand in the active cause of your current state, neglect is obvious. We can only wonder how much help they will be in your current state.

Youji openly gaped at the doctor. "My roommates, neglect? Who the hell is we?" Despite the lingering irrational fear of angering the man, he was quick to defend his friends. "They wouldn't do anything to me! You can't make me! Who the hell do you think you are?" Reflecting on the words that had just left his mouth, Youji considered whether anything had made any sense.

"I didn't mean anything by it, its just that, generally, living in that violent of an atmosphere would only worsen a state such as you are in now. We are not pushing you to do anything drastic, I simply wished to address the issue so that you might think about it. For the time being, I suggest you remain under the hospital's care so we might provide further aid."

Youji stared up at him blankly. Finally fed up with the contradictory remarks and confusing speeches, Youji said the only thing he could think of. "Why are you wearing a nose splint?"

"Aya! We have to sign in!" The red head went striding past the receptionist. Omi gave her a weak smile before. "Tsukiyono, Hidaka, and Fujimiya to see Kudou." He mumbled. Apparently, the receptionist had remembered the trio and simply waved them by. "This is so embarrassing!" Omi started down the corridor with Ken at his side. "She only remembers us because we always end up making a scene!" He whined. Ken patted the boy on the back with a smile.

"At least we're memorable." He said, turning through the maze in pursuit of Aya.

"But we're assassins! We're supposed to have stealth on our side." Omi murmured in defeat. They came to Youji's room, only to find Aya standing in the doorway.

"Why are you wearing a nose splint?" They heard the question voiced. Aya was frozen, whether from irritation or embarrassment, no one could tell.

"Nose splint!" Ken hissed in amusement, at least having the sense to keep quiet. Omi jabbed him in the ribs painfully.

"Its not funny." He kept his voice down, waiting to hear the doctor's response. The doctor was given no chance to provide one as the pair inside the room became aware of the redhead's presence.


"Mister Fujimiya!"

"Why are you wet?"

The three all spoke at once. Ken dissolved into further giggles as Omi pushed Aya in through the doorway, dragging him behind.

"Wet?" Omi inquired curiously, noting the shattered vase and flowers by the wall to his right. "What happened here?" He asked, connecting the broken vase with the water on the doctor. "Youji?"

"I.overreacted?" Youji flushed meekly. The doctor nodded in agreement before beginning to assuage his fears.

"It's quite alright, people tend to do that around me." He noted in good humor, sending a glance in Aya's direction.

"What caused him to overreact?" Aya took a threatening step forward. Omi immediately introduced himself between his temperamental elder and the dripping Ph.D.

"I." The doctor faltered for a second, a 'Please don't hit me' expression on his face. "Youji and I were just having a talk." He reassured quickly. Aya stepped forward and Omi extended an arm to hold him back.

Aya halted his approach, his eyes darting to Youji for confirmation that the doctor truly was as harmless as he sounded. Ken was still snickering in the background, not helping Omi's cause. "Aya," The boy warned, he was prepared to catch any offensive attack the redhead might make.

"Hn." Aya eyed the doctor one last time before returning his gaze to Youji. "How did this happen?" He bit out. Omi made a small attempt at changing the topic but was firmly ignored.

"Jus' got scared." Youji mumbled, barely audible. The population of the room leaned forward to hear better, causing the ever-wary Youji to scramble backwards and off the bed.

"Mister Kudou!" The doctor lunged forward to save his patient from the fall. But Aya, still distrustful of the doctor, grabbed hold of his dripping lab coat, pulling him off balance. Three of the five occupants of the room landed on their asses, Ken's snickering birthed full fledged laughter and Omi patiently righted each of the men.

"Really!" Omi admonished once the three were seated, Aya and the doctor in opposite corners. "When you're ready to behave like adults, we have things to discuss." Ken bit his lip to quiet himself. Goofing up now would only further the wrath of Omi.

With a huff, a whimper, and an apology, they settled down for their discussion.

Across town, in a professionally decorated apartment, Crawford berated Schuldig.

"If you would settle down and do as I say the first time, I wouldn't have to yell!" Brad screamed, causing the German to shift uncomfortably in his chair. "Wipe their minds, completely. I don't want the slightest suspicions left!" Schuldig picked at the nonexistent dirt under his nails. "If you leave things as they are, they'll piece together clues and you will be held responsible!" Schuldig let out a sigh, moving to the next hand.

"God-damn-it, Schuldig! This is no longer a game! You've had your fun now end it before it gets out of hand!" The American hit the younger man's hands from in front of his face, grabbing his chin to look into his eyes. "It. Will. Not. Happen. Again. Complete the job." He hissed for emphasis.

Schuldig jerked his head away, standing up to stride calmly out of the room with a final thought. 'Now if I did that, how would Nagi play with his toys?'

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