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Chapter Eight:

"Ken," Omi warned, pushing the energetic older boy into a seat. "Now doctor, how is Youji?"

Any playful attitude vanished from the room as the doctor settled in to inform the anxious friends.

"Well." The doctor chose his words carefully, leaving the trio to stew and further gather anxiety. "Mr. Kudou is no longer critical," the doctor started slowly. "However, he's not out of the woods yet." Aya ground his teeth together, waiting for the inevitable blow. "Although we are certain Mr. Kudou will awaken," -Omi worried his lip nervously- "we can't be sure whether or not any brain damage has resulted from the blow." Ken let out a hiss of breath as the doctor stared at his folded hands.

"What kind of brain damage?" Aya inquired. He was well aware that brain damage could mean any number of things.

"We can't be sure whether he has obtained any form at all," the doctor reassured them hurriedly. "From what we can tell, it should not affect him physically. Although unconscious, he still responds to basic forms of stimuli." Omi nodded encouragement while Aya debated whether they were being fed false hope.

"Mentally." He ground out.

"Mentally, Youji may not be the same." The familiarity was not lost on the group.

"You mean Youji's going to be some kind of retard?" Ken had a way with words.

The doctor shook his head quickly. "Not retardation, per se. I'm simply informing you that Youji may not remember some things or respond to stimuli as he would have before."

Omi and a doubtful Ken listened with rapt attention. Meanwhile, Aya's teeth threatened to shatter from the intense pressure of clenching together.

"The head wound, accumulated with the severity of Mr. Kudou's previous wounds."

"What?" Omi gasped out the word, interrupting the doctor mid-sentence. "What previous wounds?" he asked more calmly, huge blue eyes filling with concern.

"I thought you were aware." The doctor was as confused as they. "Although still healing, they have been treated, I assumed that you." He looked from one face to another, at last landing on Aya's as the red head prepared a response.

"Youji's hurt himself. Cuts. And he had a split lip. Those are the only wounds we were aware of," Aya told the doctor in a monotone, carefully tuning out Omi and Ken's shocked inquiries as to the information.

"Well, yes, he has lacerations circling both upper arms, as well as a split lip which we have stitched closed. But those were the lesser injuries." The doctor gathered his wits about him, not expecting to need to explain this particular problem. "He also has thirty two small, healing tears scattered over his torso and upper thighs; severe bruising, especially around the shoulder area; deep scarring over his wrists; as well as mutilation and anal tearing conjunctive with rape."

The doctor was, once again, staring at his hands, unwilling to meet the shocked men's gaze. Rape. The word echoed in their heads, not fitting the image of their playboy friend. Youji was raped. Each responded similarly, denial, amazement, horror, and guilt all warring in their minds.

"Raped?" Ken was the first to speak. "Youji raped?" He almost snorted in disbelief. "Maybe he had over-enthusiastic sex, but rape? Youji?"

"We would've known! Why didn't we know? Why didn't he tell us?" Omi was quiet and horrified, asking questions no one had an answer to.

"It makes sense." Aya admitted finally. "It explains why he's acted so uncharacteristically." He met the doctor's eyes, staring straight into them. "It also explains your suspicions of why he would be different." The doctor bowed his head, fingering his bandaged nose before returning his gaze.

"Frankly, yes. Psychological health affects your physical health. Youji seems to be severely malnourished, and as you said, he seems to have inflicted self-injuries. His weight is far below normal for his height and body type, and his muscle mass is deteriorating at an exponential rate." His gaze passed over all three men. "I really don't see how you could have missed this, given you share such close quarters. Even after Youji awakens, I suggest he stays for further testing, as well as psychiatric counseling. We need to reevaluate whether remaining in his current environment is the best thing for Youji right now."

Ken opened his mouth to protest, and Omi looked hurt. But after a stern look from their leader, each held their tongue. Funny, how the man who'd assaulted a doctor was now demanding their good behavior.

"Do you really realize the consequences of your actions!" Crawford continued his rant. Schuldig had returned home moments before only to find the stoic American waiting for him, lecture prepared.

"No! Why don't you tell me!" Schuldig sneered. "You should have seen it! It's your fault." He was being immature, yes, but he was incredibly nervous. The Weiss kitty's mind was undetectable to his mental radar. He was beginning to think he really had killed him.

"I should not have to monitor your every move! I can't know when you're going to be!" The German pouted as Brad offered what he considered the worst insult imaginable.

"I don't need to listen to this! I didn't kill him, did I?" Despite the snide front, he really was hoping for an answer.

"No, you didn't kill him." Brad pinched the bridge of his nose, closing his eyes. "He's unconscious, but now the entire cover you created is blown." Seeing the German open his mouth with an offer, the older man automatically rejected it. "No, blurring things now is useless. You couldn't be thorough while protecting our interests at the same time. One of the Weiss will, undoubtedly, come along seeking revenge shortly." Opening his eyes, he dismissed Schuldig with a nod. "Go walk Farfarello. He's quite disappointed his early excursion was cut short." With a disappointed groan, Schuldig disappeared.

"How did we miss it?" Omi wondered quietly, standing vigilant over Youji's still form.

"He looks scrawny," Ken remarked from his seat by the door, staring, as the width of the twin hospital bed was hardly covered.

"Hn," Aya added, standing at the foot of the bed with a hand on the metal bar. "He's stable," he admitted, moving to sit in the chair opposite Ken's, closer to Youji.

"We're going to have to divvy shifts." Omi attempted to break the somber silence. "I could take off from school for a while." He trailed off, not so subtly showing his reluctance to do so.

"Nah. You don't have to do that, Omi." Ken fidgeted, digging dirt from under his nails. "The assistant coach can handle the kids for a while. We'll manage. It's not like he'll be here long."

No one responded to the comment. Once again, the room was silent, but for the steady beeping of various monitors.

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To be continued.