Rurouni Kenshin Fanfiction

The Truth by Chiruken

One-shot. ?/?. Rated: G.

Summary: For over 60 years Kenshin has kept the truth from his beloved Kaoru...(disregards the existance of Seisouhen).

Kono Sekai No Katsumi De by Chiruken

One-shot. Song-fic/Semi-AU. Rated: G.

Summary: A sweet story for a sweet song, the Kenshin-gumi's last performance brings our story to a soothing end.

Pranks 1,2,3,4 by Chiruken

Complete. Humor. Rated: G.

Summary: The Kenshin-gumi and Aoshi and Misao are on vacation and boredom sets in. What do the guys do to our favorite Rurouni? And, better yet, watch is his revenge?

A Love Story Perplexity (1), Ferocity (2), Dubiosity (3), Mendacity (4), Barbarity (5), Causticity (6) by Chiruken

Incomplete. Romance/Drama. Rated: PG-13.

Summary: Cupid has a really weird sense of humor-- especially when that cupid happens to be Chiruken. ALTERNATE PAIRINGS THROUGHOUT!--> A&M, S&K, K&M! ^_^

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