Title: From the Elements

By: Dragonfire

Chapter Two

Aithne looked at her slightly surprised. She had no idea that she would find another like her here. It was hard to find a practicing Wiccan anywhere much less within her own school. "You mean that you are like me? You're not disgusted?"

Isabel put the last of the papers into Aithne's locker. She giggled lightly before patting the other girl on the head. "No, why would I be if I practiced the same stuff. Now grab the things you need and lets head out for lunch. If we don't hurry all the good spots outside will be taken. Now come on."

Aithne grabbed her lunch and the book and pouch that they had just put back. She had wanted to find time to look at the book since she had arrived in Japan but had never had the chance. After she had shut and locked her locker, the two girls went outside to eat their lunches and discuss spells and the laws of magic.


"There she is. Wait, guys, I want to she how she's doing. This is her first day in the middle of the year. Hey, Aithne. Aithne over here." Kento started to walk over to where he had seen Aithne go and sit with another girl that he had seen around school every now and then. Most thought the silvered haired girl was crazy. She was just always hyper. It was just not human. No one could be that excited all the time. He continued yelling to get her attention but she didnít seem to be answering. "I guess she canít here you."

"Or maybe she's ignoring you. Youíre yelling loud enough to wake the dead. She probably woke up and replayed the morning. Saw what you looked like and got scared." Oh, how Rowen loved to tease people. It just came so naturally to and he was oh so good at it.

Kento ignored him and walked over to where she sat with another girl. They looked like they were talking over what seemed like a bunch of odd plants. Why would anyone want to talk about those? Nothin' interestin' there. The things are all over the place. As he reached them it looked like they were really getting into the conversation.

"No no that doesnít work. That part is poisonous. If you use that it could have some pretty harsh side effects. You didnít try that you yet did you?" Aithne picked up the plant and began to point out the different parts of plant that could be used and for what. "No of this is to ever be ingested. It can be placed on the skin and it can be burned but in no way should it be eaten or drank. That could be fatal. The other flower here can be used to do the same thing but itís not harmful. You can put this in with a drink or into a seasoning."

Kento felt Sage pull on his arm trying to get him to move away. "Let them be. I think she fine without you."

"That's okay. Isabel and I can always finish this later. Thereís no real pressing thing now that the general warning was put out. So what can I do for you?" Aithne moved a little before putting everything away and taking out her lunch. "Well are you going to sit down or am I going to have to keep bending my neck to look up at you?"

"Oh yeah sorry. So how are you doing? Howís the day been going?" He moved to sit down with the two girls. "What exactly are you doing?"

"Yes. See this book I have tells you about the different uses for any plant. It has to do more with magic and all that but it also talks about different healing properties and such. Isabel was just asking me about one of them." She emptied the container of her lunch and began to nibble on the sandwich. "Itís something I learned when I was younger. My mother was a friend of an older woman who ran a once traveled with gypsies. It was a common thing in our area. Some traditions will never change." Aithne leaned over and pulled out a deck of tarot cards. "These were the last gift that she gave me. They are always fun."

"She can read your palm, too. Hahaha. I mean you most likely think like everyone else does. That we are either freaks or something, right? Listen weíre not here for your amusement. Weíre just doing what we normally do." Isabel mumbled between mouthfuls of her sandwich.

"Actually this thing sounds interesting. I enjoy trying meditations and the sort. They are very relaxing and mind clearing. Different herds and other plants aid in those. If you use the right ones together you can get be put farther into the trance like state." Sage just couldn't resist giving the silvered haired girl a smirk of triumph. Her attitude was uncalled for their curiosity. It appeared she could be even more annoying as she stuck out her tongue, pulled down the shin near her eye, and called him a fork. Sage chose to ignore her. It was pointless trying to argue with one so immature. It was an interesting mix these two, one hyper and the other stone cold.

Aithne tilted her head to the side as if confused. She met him straight in the eye before shaking her head. "Really? You're not just teasing me? Everyone else already thinks I'm a freak." Aithne gestured to the girl sitting with her. "Isabel told me that they always go through the new persons locker. Well, while they were going through mine they found this book and my herbs that I need for after classes. I guess since they could not read the writing and this book has, to them, strange drawings they immediately take me for a freak. It is sad how people will judge you before they have even met you. Join us will you." Aithne moved over so that there was more room in the shade that the two girls had been sitting under.

"Sure. We haven't eaten yet. You don't mind, do ya?" He looked at her sheepishly as the others began to sit down with them.

To her surprise, Aithne felt her face twitch as she smiled. She never smiled so why now? What was it about these people that made her want to be normal. She had never acted like this since she was eight. There was only one person who could make her laugh since that day and Lana was still back home. What was with these people; what was it about them? "I would not have invited you if I minded. But were is your lunch?" She laughed lightly trying to hide the sound.

"Oh yeah, I have to go buy my lunch. Guess I should go do that. Be right back." He stood back up and ran away looking embarrassed. There was a bright red stain across his face as he moved towards the cafeteria doors. His friends were laughing as he went and Aithne couldn't help but laugh with them. There had to be something about this place that was causing her to lose control of the emotions she held in check for so long. No more drinking the water here.

"You know this is the first time that he has ever forgotten that he has to get his lunch. The worlds coning to an end. Kento never forgets food." The red haired man turned and smiled at Aithne before offering her his hand. "Hi my name's Cye. Are you enjoying Japan?" The other three followed suit. They introduced themselves as Ryo, Rowen, and Sage. Ryo had black hair and bright blue eyes that seemed to know more then one his age should. Rowen was Irish which caught Aithneís attention right away. He had another physical trait that set him apart; Rowan had blue hair. This school seemed to have more people with odd hair then normal. Sage he had blond hair that covered his right eye. From what Aithne could see his eyes were a light lavender color. It looked as if the color had almost faded and that was all that was left of a once vibrant shade.

"Yes. I think this place is nice. Not home but nice. I'm Aithne by the way. It is nice to meet you. This is Isabel." The girl looked like she would not have said anything so Aithne felt obligated to introduce her. Isabel didnít seem quite happy about that as she made a face at Aithne before taking a sip of her drink. Aithne chose to ignore it and slowly went back to eating her own lunch.

"I have to offer some thanks to you, Aithne. I'm no longer considered the weirdest looking person here." Rowen laughed as he pointed at her hair. "Your stripped hair and eyes got everyone to stop staring at me. I got the whole heís weird and a nerd. I think you already got the dear lord look at her and could she be any more cold."

Kento came back in time to hear what Rowen had said. AS he sat down he reached over and smacked Rowan over the back of the head. "Hey! Would you try to be nice for a change. Great way to make a person feel welcomed. ĎI think youíre a cold bitch.í Yeah Iím sure she feels right at home. Sheís not cold she just knows what wants, right? Aithne walked in here as if it she owned the place." The scene would have been more touching if Kento had not started to shovel the food into his mouth once he had finished talking.

"Kento, you almost sounded intelligent. Shame you act like a pig when you eat. Don't you even consider what these girls might be thinking." Rowen rubbed the back of his head as he punched Kento in the arm. "donít hit me again. Unlike some I have

"Don't worry. We had people live at our house at different time all my life. They paid rent and I have grown accustomed to different things different people do." Aithne wanted to show all those people who said she would never have a true friend that she could. Be as understanding and excepting as you can girl. This is a new place for new beginnings. Prove them all wrong; let them see that they were wrong. I am human with the same needs as them. Though it may not show I too have feelings that can be injured. What can I talk to these people about?

"What do you guys do for entertainment? Are any place that you go?" Good, useful information while getting to know them. Perfect.

"Well, I enjoy going to the aquarium. They have good exhibits. Then we all take martial arts classes. Did you that in Scotland? Learn to fight I mean." So Cye liked the aquarium. Have to remember that and show him the tank we have in our house when it is set up.

"I did learn some things. Not much with hand to hand but I mastered a broad sword, short swords, throwing knives, and bow and arrow. My contribution to the tours at our home in Scotland. I showed people how they used to fight and what they used in different time periods." I hope that doesn't sound like I'm showing off. That would not be a good thing to do. I just answered a simple question.

The bell rang to signal that the lunch period was over. They all stood up and started back to the school together. "You will have to come by my family's dojo. I would like to see how you fight. All of us are going to be there tonight if you would like to come by then."

"I would love to but I can't. Isabel invited me to join her after school so she could show me around town. Maybe some other time."

"All right, if you have nothing to do this weekend come by. I can give you the address later."

"Ya should. I want to see, too. Is it like the stuff they did in Braveheart? That movie was awesome. All the fightin' an' blood." Kento looked at her and Cye looked disgusted.

"Like that relatively. I liked that movie, too. They did a good job if you ask me. No one would go see it with me, though. Only girl where I lived who liked that stuff." She stopped before they re-entered the school and pulled out her schedule. "I have Phys. Ed. Next. Where's the gym?"

Thank you for ending that day. Nice people to meet but if I have to stand in front of one more group and listen to them say my name wrong I'm going to go nuts. I think I already am some ways but I don't want to go there right now. I want to go home do this homework and then just sit back and relax. This weekend there is going to be some major packing and furniture shopping. That right I have to start thing about how I want to decorate this place. I have my room and the some of the other rooms. I want to find a roommate as well. Let me get going then.

WAIT!! I have to go around town with Isabel. I almost forgot. That would be perfect. Get invited to go do something with the first person that wants to be your friend and then completely forget about it. Smart real smart. Now where is she? There's Sage maybe he knows where Isabel is.

"Sage hi. I was wondering if you had seen Isabel? The girl that was with us at lunch. I'm supposed to go around town with her and I can't find her." She looked around her and Aithne could not help but notice that all the girls around her seemed to be shooting daggers at her. What did I do? All I did was ask him a question. Wait, I may be new here but from the looks of it his guy is the one every girl wants. HA!

"I don't know where she is but I can help you find her." He took her arm and led her back towards the school. Once they were out of hearing distance Sage added to her. "They were starting to get boring any ways. Always talking about hair and make-up. I never held much interest in that stuff."

"Me neither. I think I see Isabel over there. I see her silver hair. Lots of people have interesting hair colors here. I wonder how many are natural. Mine is if anyone wonders."

"Aithne, your friend looks like she could use a little help over there. Those guys are surrounding her. Come on let's get over there." Sage pointed at a group that was growing around a head of silver.

"I think your right. I will go over there see if you can find some one like a teacher or something along that line." Before he could say anything she ran over and pushed through the crowd that had gathered. In the center of it all stood Isabel with three guys pushing her around and throwing her stuff between them.

"Hey boys why don't you go run and play some where else. Go scare some kids and steal their lunch money or what ever you do. Just leave her alone."

They turned and looked at her. "It looks like we have the other freak girl standing up for her kind. Get her. All the mumbo-jumbo that you know isn't gonna help you now, girl."

"I don't need it to teach you how we fight in Scotland. Come on now or never. You will find that I can get very impatient. I don't have all day, boys." Aithne stood there waiting for them to make the first move.