Title: From the Elements

By: Dragonfire

Okay I guess this is the part where I put the disclaimer. Here we go as much as I would love it I donít own these characters nor the idea of the Ronin Warriors. Really really wished I did but I donít ::snaps fingers:: damn.

The characters that I do create are purely my idea (though they do seem to have my friendsí personalities). If you want to use them in anything just let me know and it might happen. I would love art done for it if any one is in the mood to do that.


From The Elements

Yeah itís a new day at a new school. I am so very excited. I hate my life. Canít my guardians just decide on a place to stay and actually stay there? I am sick of all this moving around; I lost track of where we are. This sucks. The school around me is like nothing I had ever seen before. There was not the slightest hint that everyday masses of teenagers shuffle through these halls. There was no feeling of it being lived it. It just felt cold the girl no walking down the halls. She cast her eyes about looking for a hint that there actually were others here and that she wasnít going nuts. And there it was. A middle-aged man came up to her with a false smile plastered to his face. He eyes held a sort of exhaustion that would never go away. He gave a slight bow to her, which she hesitantly returned.

"Miss PenDragon, how nice to finally meet you. Welcome to Sakura no Hana High. I hope you will enjoy yourself. Now please follow me into the room and I shall introduce you to your new classmates. The Teacher will be in shortly." She followed the principle into the room. Get me out of here this guy is way too peppy for early morning. I hate people with false enthusiasm. I donít want to be here. This really is the bane of my existence. I hate people but do they care. Hell no. As long as they get what they want I am just dirt under their toes. How could I have been left in their care?

Aithne PenDragon was told to go stand in the front of the room while the teacher tried to get everyoneís attention. There where students everywhere. All divided into their own little groups of friends. There was a group of girls in the corner pointing at her before they turned to each other and began to laugh. By the windows on the left side of the room a cluster of boys were just staring at her. It seemed that every eye in the large room was staring at her as she took her position in the front.

Aithne always seemed to capture everyoneís attention wherever she went. It wasnít that hard to do with the way she looked. It was even easier her because she was a foreigner. Her height set her above most people here alone. She was around 5í 9" and towered over most girls her age. Her most eye catching features was her long blue-black hair that had streaks of silver and her violet eyes. People often gawked at her as she walked down streets, not imagining that such colors could be done. At times people she knew wouldnít want to go out in public with her just because of all the attention she received.

After people had gotten over the initial shock of her appearance people tended to notice the necklace she wore. The odd yet highly detailed design seemed to astound people. Around her neck hung a beautiful ruby set in white gold that had carvings all around. The jewel was in the shape of a flame. The gold was in the shape of two dragons that looked like they were trying to consume the flame. Each and every scale was finely etched into the metal. The details were astounding in the quality of them. It would have taken years to produce.

The teacher was waiting for her when she walked in. After a quick greeting she turned to the students and began trying to quiet them down. "Everyone we have a new student and I want you all to make her feel at home. She joins us all the way from Scotland. Her name is PenDragon Athena. It is a pleasure to have you here."

"Madam, its PenDragon Aithne. I look forward to the year." She spoke softly and without emotion. She had learned that the less that she showed the less they could hurt her. All her life Aithne had been teased about the way she looked, the way she acted, and even the way she spoke. It was time that be left behind. Hopefully it could be left behind. To these people there was more to tease her about. I wish I was back home. This is to much to soon.

"Iím sorry. Let me correct myself. This is PenDragon Aithne. She will be with us for the rest of the year and I hope you enjoy being with us," She then added to her, "You can go and sit by Rea Faun Kento over there. Kento will you please raise your hand. There you go."

Aithne looked up to see a dark blue haired boy raising his hand in the back of the room. He was a large build and actually looked like some one she had known back home. His big blue eyes followed her as she headed towards her new seat. But then again she was used to that.


Kento had stared the girl from the first minute that she had walked in. And it looked like he wasnít the only one. Everyone seemed to be staring at this new student. She definitely could hold anyoneís attention from the beginning. Her looks were so unusual yet captivating. Kento rolled her name through his head. It was like none that he heard. Not even any English name. Though he really didnít know that many English people. He was deep enough in thought it took him some time before he realized that the teacher had asked him to raise his hand.

As she walked over, Kento couldnít help but watch because her movements were flawless and spoke of a hidden power. Aithne just seemed to radiate an aura that spoke of something hidden beneath the good looks and not all of it was good. There was just something more to her then any one would ever find out. She sat down next to him with a soft hello and didnít say much more, just looked ahead of her. It looked like she was nervous, the way her body looked tense. "Hey how are ya enjoying Japan so far? Not like Scotland as far as I know." Kento smiled and offered her his hand in greeting. "Iím Kento."

He was shocked at how strong her grip was when she went to shake his hand. No one had ever had that strong of a grip except his friends and well there were reasons for that. "Iím Aithne. Itís a pleasure to meet you. It is not as rainy as Scotland and it is flatter. I miss the hills. Though, the mountains are quite pretty here." Her accent was very thick but it suited her perfectly.

"Where are you living? Is it close to school or farther out?" He thought that if she was near by he would walk with her home. It must be hard for her to be at a new place in a new country with so many new customs. He wanted her to feel comfortable and not like an outcast.

Kento watched as she seemed to almost snarl with the face she made. "My guardians bought that old manor on the edge of town. It is too big for my family if you ask me since Iím the only child. The place has three floors, a separate home for workers, and all this other stuff." She didnít understand why she was being so talkative; she had just met this Kento person. So far, though, he hadnít made fun of her. That alone made her feel slightly comfortable.

"I take it you donít get along with your parents. Mad over the move? Eh, I think Iíll change the subject now. You donít look like this is something you want to talk about. Anyway your house. I know a lot of people think the place is haunted. That old manor looks totally creepy so you canít blame them. That house is so dreary looking. Looks like there is no life in it, like it is not there really."

"It actually reminds me of my home in Scotland. We lived in an old castle. We were allowed to live there if we opened the place to the public so they could take a tour through it. It was ancient; the only reason that it had stayed in such good shape was because my family had lived in it for so long. We had been living there since before the Romans. My clan is a very old one that dates back to ummÖI forget but it has been there for along time.. I miss my castle and the beach that bordered one side and the forest that bordered the other. It was such a pretty place. Thank the powers above that they didnít sell it when we moved. I would have died. I wish I could go back."

"Wow! That sounds awesome. How come your parents wanted to move? Were they nuts to leave a place like that? I never would have. It sounds like you had it made." He turned to look at the clock quickly before facing her again. "Hey the bell is going to ring soon; do you know where youíre going? And donít worry youíll like it here." Kento gathered up his belongings and looked at her with a smile.

"Thanks. I hope I do. My first class is to work on my Japanese. There is so much about this language; it gets so confusing. I can speak it to an extent but I can barely write the simplest of words. Itís going to take me forever to learn. Do you think you can show me to the room so I donít lost?" Idiot why did you just ask that? Itís not like I spent all that time checking this place out with out knowing how to get around here now. Dear Lord I could practically do this blindfolded. Remember Aithne we donít like people. People only hurt us. If you forget you end up alone again.

Aithne hated asking others for help but it was normal for the new student to get lost and she was already abnormal enough. She would do anything not to stand out any more then she already did. That meant having to ask where rooms were and the such. This time she was going to do things the right way. I want friends at this school. Itís time to try something new. Like have a friend that really does want my friendship not my money or power. I donít want anymore fair-weather friends. I want someone who will be there through thick and thin; people other than my parents. Wait where did that come from? Ah hell I give up.

"Sure. I have to meet my friends first, though. I can introduce ya to them if you want. Weíre a mixed group. We hang together all the time though," Kento stood as the first bell rung. He turned back to look at her; "I have a friend whoís part English. Ya might have something in common. His name is Mouri Cye. He said it the other way around but that got to confusiní."

"With an English whelp not bloody likely." Aithne said under her breath. It was no secret that most Scotís in her area had no love for the English1. That feud went far back. No one could ever say a clansman wasnít stubborn and be right. But to Kento there was no hint of that dislike. "Iíd love to meet him. We should start heading for class."

"KENTO! Hurry up. Weíre going to be late again. Get your fat rear out here now." Shouted someone from the hall. Who ever the person was he had an Irish accent. It wasnít that thick but it was still noticeable. Now there was someone she might have something in common with and not some English brat.2

"That would be Hashiba Rowen. Heís another one of my friends. I coming you ---" Together they made their way out of the room after everyone else had left.

"Kento, whoís this?" asked a blond that hair covering one eye before Kento could finish what he was going to say. He spoke softly yet powerfully. He also leaned against the lockers. Whoever he was there was an almost serene aura around him. It was very calming to the now once again nervous girl.

Aithne gave a slight bow hoping she got it right before meeting him the eye. "Iím PenDragon Aithne. I am new to the school; just moved here from Scotland. Kento was going to show me to my classroom so I donít get lost. If youíre late I can find it myself. Thank you anyway, Kento. Hope to see you later." Aithne walked off to get to her first class upset that she would be late for her it on her first day at a new school.

"Aithne, do you even know where you are going? I can show you," called Kento.

"No, go ahead. I can find it. I donít want you to be late because of me. See you later." She said in her normal monotone. Her tone of voice rarely changed. Kento watched as she walked down the hall with her back ramrod strait. Before going to far she turned back and waved.

"The girl is strange. She is more serious than Sage can be. And she didnít even have to try. Though she looks pretty good. Odd but nice. Love the legs," said Rowen.

"Ya know that old house near the end of town. That haunted mansion. Thatís where sheís livení. Her parents bought it because it reminds Ďem of the old castle they own in Scotland. That girl is rich, man. What is she doing here? She should be at that rich peopleís school, dude."

"A castle. Yeah right. Just like I live in the palace. Kento she playiní you for a fool. Sheís looking for attention. Thatís why she looks like that. She just moved her so itís a way to stand out farther. Youíre too gullible sometimes. Especially when it comes to a pretty face and nice set of legs." Ryo stated. No one lived in a castle anymore. That time was long ago. Now people lived in homes, condos, apartments, and town houses. It was not really heard of anymore.

"If you ask me, I think she is a little weird. To look like that and then to go and act like that. The girls that look like she does usually are more bubbly and outgoing or hanging all over Sage. Itís defiantly a change. Not one that itís unpleasant, somewhat unheard of though. She doesnít even look like she is from Scotland or any other place that I know. She has the accent though. And the build; the height defiantly." Cye stated as he watched Aithne leave.


I guess this place will be like all the others. Iím getting sick of being held away from everyone. I try to make friends but they always stay away when they learn more about me and then Iím by myself again. I really have to talk those people who made me come here into letting me get home schooling. I honestly hate them. These thoughts went on and on as the morning past. As the bell rang for lunch Aithne was stopped in the hallway by one of the girls she had meet in one of her classes. Her name was Isabel Ruiz.

"Aithne, let me walk you to your locker. It gives me a chance to get to know you better. Come tell me about where you used to live." The girl seemed nice enough, willing to help with nothing in return. Isabel enjoyed talking and listening. What surprised Aithne the most was that the girl spoke flawless English. She also could get very hyper. Which was most of the time.

As they neared Aithneís locker they saw other students standing around it. The girls could hear that they were talking about Aithne and that none of it was pleasant. "What is she? A witch or some thing?" "Has to be. Why else have this stuff here?" "This is scary." "Sheís a freak."

Aithne walked up slowly and deathly silent. "Do you find me so likable that you decided to decorate my locker and it just happened to come open or did you people all become spies and find me to be the opponent? There are few other choices I could offer you but if you have some ideas please let me know. Right now, though, I think it would be wise if you leave and find some other frivolous thing to do. Somewhere else." Aithne hissed that last word to get the point across but never once did she raise her voice. She knew that never made people her own age listen to her. It would be useless to do so now. People seemed to become wearier of her when she always spoke in a calm tone of voice. Aithne would never give up her emotions through her voice.

"Yeah got lost you dopes! They always do this to the new student. So far you've been the only one to stop them. The new student has never caught them while they trashed their locker." Isabel explained it to Aithne as she helped pick up the papers. She stopped as she came to the book and pouch that the other students had been looking at. She looked through both then just put them back into the locker. "That book has some cool drawings. You a Wiccan, too. I thought I was the only one around here. Well I guess Iím not any more."

Now unfortunately I am not Scottish but for this story that is how Iím having her act. It might not have any real importance later but hey oh well. If it really bugs you leave a note. Donít be to mean though. Thatíll just annoy me.

This again is not meant to be mean. Itís just what two of my friends call him though in a loving sense. Honest.