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Fanfic By: Chiruken

Part 4

I calmly sip my morning tea as I watch my three tormentors of the previous day scratch. Aoshi is trying to be circumspect about it, but both Yahiko and Sano are scratching with increasing desperation. Poor fellows, donít they realize the more they scratch, the worse it becomes? Probably not.

Megumi sets her cup aside with a sigh. "What are you three doing?" She asks it with a knowing smile. They pause and look at her almost guiltily. A moment later they resume trying to relieve the irritating itching. "Come with me. I should have something in my medicine bag for this."

They follow her from the room with identical sighs of relief. I smile into my tea. The sweet taste of revenge is very pleasing to my wounded pride. "Kenshin, where were you all day yesterday? I was worried about you when you didnít show up for dinner."

I smile at her reassuringly. "I was rather tied up and couldnít get away, Kaoru-dono, that I was. Iím sorry you were worried." If not exactly the whole truth, it isnít a lie either.

"You didnít get into a fight, did you?"

I hastily shake my head. "Oh no, Kaoru-dono, nothing like that at all."

"I wonder whatís wrong with Aoshi-sama. He seemed rather uncomfortable." Misao is staring in the direction he went with a worried frown. "It was almost like he got into itching powder." I nearly choke on my tea as I fight the urge to laugh. "But where could he have been exposed to that here of all places?"

Kaoruís looking at me with a thoughtful frown. "Yes, where indeed? It seems as if Sanosuke and Yahiko were also affected. Odd how it seems to be isolated amongst those three, isnít it Kenshin?"

I smile innocently at her. "Yes, very odd."

"Where did you say you were yesterday?" Both Misao and Kaoru are looking at me suspiciously.

I clear my throat nervously. "Mostly at the onsen, Kaoru-dono."

"Mostly." Kaoru repeats it slowly, eyes further narrowed in suspicion. "You wouldnít happen to know how Aoshi, Sanosuke or Yahiko could have come to be in contact with itching powder, now would you?"

"Itching powder?!" I look up at Sanoís accusing tone. "Why you sneaky little oni! I shouldíve known you were behind this."

"Yeah. So how come weíre the only ones scratching, Kenshin?" Yahikoís glaring at me with his arms crossed over his chest.

"I believe weíve been targeted with itching powder as an act of retaliation." Aoshi looks rather calm. Then again, he usually does, even when heís in a killing rage.

I stand and fold my arms across my chest. "Next time you decide to tie me up and gag me, try to remember where you left me. Be thankful I only used itching powder for vengeance."

"Tie youÖup?" Kaoru looks horrified. "Thatís what happened to you yesterday?" She turns to the three culprits with a furious scowl. "I can understand such juvenile behavior from Sanosuke and Yahiko since their mentality is about the sameÖ"

"Hey!" She ignores their indignant outburst.

"But you, Aoshi, I thought you were beyond such childish misbehaving."

Misao stands beside Kaoru and glares at Aoshi. "Iím surprised at you, Aoshi-sama, for going along with such a thoughtless prank. For shame."

"It was his idea in the first place!" Yahiko shouts the accusation into the pause in scolding. Sanosuke nods vigorously in full agreement.

Aoshi scowls at them. "Traitors."

I press my lips together in an effort to hold in my amusement, but a chuckle escapes anyway. My companions look at me in surprise. "I admit I was rather annoyed with you three and thatís why I made the itching powder." I ignore the shocked looks Iím receiving. "However, now that Iíve had time to think about it, the situation is rather amusing, that it is." I sober for a moment and fix all three with a withering glare. "Not that I wish for a repeat of yesterdayís prank. Donít you think you went a little far in leaving me like that for nearly six hours?"

"Sorry Ďbout that Kenshin. We didnít mean to." Sano hangs his head and shuffles his feet, obviously penitent.

"We kinda got involved with other stuff and by the time we remembered you were already in our room, sleepiní." Yahiko looks suitably remorseful.

"How did you get loose?" Aoshi seems merely curious. Well, if I were to wait for him to apologize Iíd be waiting a very long time indeed.

"Yunokawa-san assisted me." I smile and sit again, retrieving my tea. "You know, the way you went about it, Iíd almost think you planned the whole thing, that I would."

"We did." They say it in unison.

"We were bored." Aoshi adds by way of explanation.

I wince at the tree outraged female shouts. I have a feeling they wonít be bored again for some time.




Oni: demon

Owari: end