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By: Chiruken

Part 3

The walk to the ryokan gives me time to think over the various choices I have for seeking revenge. My initial impulse to do bodily harm is slowly fading in light of further thinking. It would be over much too quickly if I only hurt them. Besides, now as my initial anger is abating I can see the humor in their prank, though I still think they took it a little too far.

I turn my steps towards the village. I have an acquaintance that lives here who owes me a favor. I think I’ll pay a visit to the local apothecary for a few ingredients. I smile to myself and rub my hands together in anticipation of my retaliation. If I hurry I can return well before they retire for the night.


An hour later, after a brief explanation and a promise to return for a decent visit, I exit my acquaintances apothecary shop with a small bag full of the concoction I prepared with the use of his equipment. There should be more than enough for my purposes.

I hurry back to the ryokan, careful not to spill the contents of the bag onto myself. After quickly checking to ensure the room I share with Aoshi, Sano and Yahiko is still empty, I stealthily enter. By the moonlight I swiftly unroll three futons and liberally sprinkle the odorless powder into them and using the blankets I swiftly rub it into the bedding. I quickly reroll the futons and place them back where I found them.

After disposing of the incriminating bag I reenter the room and unroll my own futon, the only bedding I left untouched. I snuggle under the blankets with a snicker. There’s no point in using itching powder if I get caught in my own snare. Let’s see how they enjoy scratching all night.

**To Be Continued…**