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By: Chiruken

Part 2

I stare at the setting sun and growl low in my throat. I can’t believe they left me here all afternoon trussed up like a pheasant for Ennichi. If it was Sano’s or Yahiko’s knots I would’ve been free in minutes. But NO, Aoshi had the honors of securing my bonds. I growl again, my patience having deserted me within the first two hours of my humiliating confinement and as the hours ticked by my temper began to rise. When I get my hands on those three they’re going to regret ever coming up with this idea. At least they had the decency to tie me up out of the water.

What I don’t understand is why hasn’t any one come to find me? Surely Kaoru or Megumi would’ve noticed my absence at dinner this evening.

On second thought maybe I should be happy they didn’t come to retrieve me. Megumi would take great delight in using my inability to defend myself to taunt Kaoru and further embarrass me. Kaoru would probably scold me for missing dinner and allowing myself to fall into this state. I’d be better off if Misao found me, not that that’s likely to happen. She’s probably too preoccupied with her precious Aoshi-sama to notice my absence anyway.

I tense as the sound of footsteps approaching reaches my ears. A moment later the bushes rustle and the proprietor of the ryokan steps through. He halts and stares at me with comical surprise. "Himura-san! Why are you tied up?" Since I have no hope of replying I settle instead for another infuriated growl. "Could I be of some assistance?" I nod vigorously, though somewhat awkwardly.

Within minutes I’m free and rubbing feeling back into my cramped limbs. "Thank you, Yunokawa-san. Your assistance was most appreciated."

He scratches his head with a puzzled frown. "How is it that you came to such a predicament, Himura-san?"

"A prank that went too far." I answer shortly as I pull my clothes on with sharp angry movements. "I can assure you the instigators are going to regret their actions for a very, very long time." By the time I get through with them they’ll be lucky if they can move, never mind orchestrate another prank like this one. I head in the direction of the ryokan and my own special brand of retribution.


**To Be Continued…**



Ennichi: Feast Day

Aoshi-sama: Lord Aoshi

Ryokan: inn