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By: Chiruken

Part 1


"This is so boring!" Yahiko’s frustration is obvious. I can’t really blame him either. The idea behind our departure from Tokyo for a time of much needed rest and relaxation was sound. Unfortunately, the inactivity of the past few days are beginning to wear thin and as a result the seed of discontent has taken root. "I can’t take much more of this." Like the boy he is, Yahiko needs activity, not relaxation.

"I hate to admit it, but the brat’s right." I wince at Sanosuke’s unthinking insult.

"Who’re you callin’ a brat, rooster head?" I close my eyes and wait for the fight to start. This is how it always begins. One or the other states an insult, the other retaliates with another insult and before long it deteriorates into a full-blown fight complete with hair pulling, pinching and biting. I can understand this behavior from a twelve-year-old boy like Yahiko, but what is Sano’s excuse? He’s ten years the senior in this match.

The unmistakable sound of a blade being drawn snaps me out of my reverie. I open my eyes quickly and watch as Aoshi advances on Yahiko and Sanosuke with his unsheathed kodachi. "Shut up both of you. If I have to listen to another of your noisy brawls I won’t be responsible for the consequences. If you’re going to fight, do it somewhere else. Somewhere very far away from my vicinity."

I sigh in resignation and stand, moving to intervene. I hold my hands up in a placating gesture. "Now, now…we’re all feeling the strain of inactivity, that we are. Aoshi, please put away the kodachi. Sano, sit over there away from Yahiko and please try not to taunt him anymore. Yahiko, come sit beside me and try to exercise a little more patience. This vacation is important to Kaoru-dono, Misao-dono and Megumi-dono, that it is. We should all try to make is as pleasant for them as possible. Fighting amongst yourselves out of boredom is senseless, that it is."

"Are you sayin’ you aren’t bored?" All three are glaring at me. "Come on, Kenshin, admit it. You’re just as bored as the rest of us."

I shrug helplessly. "Perhaps I am, just a little, but it’s no excuse to resort to petty squabbling, Sano. It’s better to try to make the best of the situation, that it is."

"I vote for drowning him." I back up warily at Sanosuke’s suggestion.

"That seems rather drastic, Sagara." Aoshi turns to face me with an unreadable expression. "I say we tie him up and gag him." My eyes widen in amazement as Sano and Yahiko nod in agreement.

I back away, watching all three anxiously as they advance. "No, no…that isn’t a good idea at all! Please think this through!" I have nowhere to retreat in my unfortunate state of undress. Wearing only a fundoshi I can’t possibly escape. I’m trapped in the onsen with nowhere to go. "Help!" It comes out as a strangled shout as all three jump me almost as if it were a planned assault.

**To Be Continued…**




Fundoshi: loincloth

Onsen: hot springs