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A Love Story

Fanfic By: Chiruken


Part 6


"Most of all, there is caustic shame for my own stupidity"

---Scott Turow

Himura Kenshin, violet eyes narrowed to a cold, flat blue, sat in the darkened room appointed to him by Okina at the Aoiya, secret headquarters of the Oniwabanshu, an elite group of ninja from Kyoto formerly led by Shinomori Aoshi, now under the command of Makimachi Misao, lips pressed tightly together and tilted into a downward frown of disapproval, one leg folded under his body, the other bent, knee tucked up to his chest, one arm wrapped around it hugging it close, his sakabatou leaning against his shoulder and his free hand gripping the saya tight enough his knuckles turned white. He didn’t like being lied to not did he take kindly to being played for a fool. He grimaced at the thought and then sighed. "I do a fairly good imitation of one without any help…"

"What are you muttering about, Himura?" Misao slid the shouji open and stepped into the dim room with a concerned frown when she didn’t receive a reply. "Are you all right?"

"Never better." He snapped irritably in a most un-rurouni-ish way and then winced when he caught sight of her startled expression. He sighed and offered her an apologetic smile, aiming for his habitual cheerfulness and falling well short of his goal. "I’m sorry, Misao-dono, that I am."

Misao studied his tight features and rather wan smile with a frown. She had a feeling she knew what had upset him. She shook her head slightly and offered him a soft, understanding smile. She knew what it was like to suffer silently and alone from a broken heart. She leaned close and placed her hand lightly on his shoulder, wincing at how rigidly he held himself, muscles hard and tense. "I’m a pretty good listener if you need to talk, Himura."

Kenshin looked up slowly and met Misao’s understanding green gaze. He smiled a little more naturally, not quite reaching his usual level of rurouni cheer, but not falling flat either. Studying her pretty features he sighed inwardly and reached up to cover her hand with one of his own, squeezing gently. "Aoshi is a damned fool."

Startled, Misao could only stare in wide-eyed surprise at her friend, his softly spoken words echoing in her mind. Dimly she was aware that he was serious, his normally soft violet eyes darkened to an almost grayish blue, as he continued to regard her solemnly. She cleared her throat nervously and licked suddenly dry lips before attempting to speak. "Himura?" His name emerged on a barely audible whisper as she found herself leaning closer, drawn by the intensity of his gaze.

He blinked, quickly averting his gaze, and the moment passed. What are you doing?! He asked himself harshly. Misao only was offering comfort as one understanding friend to another, nothing more. He glanced at her from the corner of his eye, seeing her blush and confused expression. He silently cursed himself and his thoughtlessness. She didn’t need added complications in her life at this point, not with the wounds caused by Aoshi’s rejection and subsequent betrayal so freshly inflicted upon her young heart. He frowned slightly as another thought occurred to him: Did she even know about Aoshi and Megumi? Kenshin studied Misao, noting each subtle nuance in her expression, body language and ki, seeing the hurt bewilderment and anger as well as confusion and anxiety. Despite seeing all of this, he was no closer to answering his question. "Misao-dono…" He began, only to be interrupted.

"Yes, Himura, I know." She bowed her dark head, long braid slipping over her shoulder as she slowly lowered herself to the floor. "I heard Megumi and Sanosuke in the garden." She whispered in response to his unspoken question. "I heard them talking about…things." She lifter her gaze back to his and smiled, a slight upward curve of her lips. "When did you find out?"

Knowing that she wasn’t referring to Shinomori Aoshi and Takani Megumi’s affair, he smiled sheepishly, raising his hand to the back of his head in a gesture of embarrassment. "Tonight." He admitted softly, his smile widening into a grin as he shook his head at the irony of the situation. "Thought now that I think on it, I should’ve seen it sooner." He shrugged carelessly and blinked in surprise when Misao threw her arms around him, hugging him tightly. "Oro?"

"Oh Himura! You don’t have to pretend…not with me!" Misao tightened her hold, ignoring his stuttered exclamations of surprise and protest. "Just let it all out…I’m here for you."

"Ororororo…" Was all Kenshin could think to say.

**To Be Continued…**



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