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A Love Story

Fanfic By:  Chiruken

Part 1


"In luck or out the toil has left its mark;

That old perplexity an empty purse,

Or the day’s vanity, the night’s remorse."

William Butler Yeats (1865 –1939)

            Shinomori Aoshi sat sipping tea, expression as unreadable as ever, watching as the dark-haired bundle of bottomless exuberance clad in the blue ninja uniform of the Oniwabanshu bounded into the room, a cheerful smile brightening her youthful features, green eyes sparkling with excitement.  "Ohayou, Aoshi-sama!"  Aoshi winced inwardly at her enthusiastic…and loud…greeting, his eyes following her energetic movements as she bounced around the room in a little hopping dance, hands clasped behind her back.  He resisted the instinctive urge to recoil away from her when she practically popped up in his lap with a huge grin.  "Aoshi-sama, it’s too nice of a day to be cooped up inside meditating."


            Aoshi drained the last of his tea and calmly set his empty cup aside, standing gracefully after extricating himself from Misao’s grasp.  "Then I’ll meditate in the garden."  He stepped around her, ignoring her now forced cheery smile.  "And Misao?"


            She looked up at him, the expression in her eyes unguarded and revealing a pleading wistfulness that made him feel more than a little uncomfortable.  "Yes, Aoshi-sama?"  There was an almost breathless quality to her voice that seemed to only be present when she addressed Shinomori Aoshi.


            He was barely able to conceal his impatience.  He had no desire to hurt the girl’s feelings, but he refused to encourage her painfully obvious and decidedly unwelcome affections.  "I don’t wish to be disturbed."  She smiled and began to nod enthusiastically when he paused.  Her smile wilted under his direct and unwavering stare.  He kept his voice cold and impersonal when he continued.  "By anyone."


            Misao blinked, trying ineffectually to hide her hurt and nodded slowly, lowering her gaze to the floor.  "Yes, Aoshi-sama."  She answered in barely a whisper, fighting to keep her tone even.


            Aoshi hesitated for a moment, torn between feeling relief that he’d finally made her understand that he just wasn’t interested in her and remorse that he’d wounded the girl’s sensitive emotions.  Finally with an inner sigh he turned and left her alone.  If he softened, even for a moment to offer comfort and understanding, it would give her false hope and cause Misao more pain later.


            Misao listened as the shouji slid closed signaling Aoshi’s departure, but remained motionless, green eyes over-bright with unshed tears, and stared at the floor sightlessly.  A few long moments passed as she drew in several deep breaths in an attempt to regain her composure.  Finally she swiped at her tear-filled eyes with the back of her forearm angrily.  "Who needs love anyway?"  She whispered, attempting worldly indifference, but failing miserably and only managing to sound lost and broken hearted.


            She sniffed and reached into her pocket withdrawing a letter addressed to Shinomori Aoshi.  She stared at the envelop with narrowed eyes before dropping it on the low tray supporting an empty tea pot.  She turned on her heel and strode for the shouji, her usual lively and energetic step much more subdued.


            She didn’t understand what had happened.  She’d believed for so long that Aoshi returned her feelings, but now the truth was revealed.  Whatever he felt for her, it certainly didn’t match what she felt for him.  Somewhere along the way things had changed between them.  She sniffed loudly again as fresh tears filled her eyes.  "So what do I do now?"  She whispered brokenly as the tears fell.


**To Be Continued…**

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