Title: Through My Eyes

By: Dragonfire

Through My Eyes

The crazy one yeah thatís me.

But is it?

I let you see

what you want to see

with unreliable eyes.

You donít look

beyond what you think is there.

You see a man

deeply scarred.

You donít see beyond

the physical ones.

I too have emotion

past chaotic insanity

and icy hate.- Pain

thatís not one I feel

through skin.- Emotion

that I have. Searing pain

I feel. I bury it

deep within.

I want it out.

If I let this sharp toy bite

deep enough will it flow?

Iíve tried before.

Never feeling anything

but warm garnet liquid

gushing down my arm.

The water is stained

around me. I cry

silent tears-

innocence gone.

To forever know pain

yet never feel pain.

Forever inside.

Forever crazy.

I scream.