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The Truth

By Chiruken



Should I tell her? Kenshin frowned as Kaoru approached him. She needs to know the truth. Kaoru paused to brush her hair out of her eyes. But…will she still feel the same way if I tell her? No…it isn’t the right time. Later. I’ll tell her later.





What’s troubling him? Kaoru frowned as Kenshin bento to lift the newest addition to their family. He’s been so quiet lately. The laughter of her grandchild and husband brought a smile to her lips. Sometimes…he looks so sad. Does he still think about Kyoto? I should as him…but not now. Later…when the children have left.





I should tell her. He watched as Kaoru slowly crossed the yard. I’ve waited forty-three years already. Kaoru paused and shifted her grip on her walking cane. But still…what good would it do now? Maybe it’s best if she never knew the truth.





He seems so…nervous. Kaoru frowned as Kenshin shifted again. Could it be just age as Megumi says? Kaoru leaned over and tucked the blanket more securely around his shoulders. He keeps looking at the sky and frowning. Does he sense something? We’ve been so careful to not mention any of the troubling news we’ve heard. I wish he’d confide in me.





It is time, I think. Kenshin placed his hand on Kaoru’s shoulder. We’ve survived so much together. She turned and offered him a smile. After sixty-five years of marriage her smile is still as beautiful as ever. Kenshin drew in a deep breath. Yes. It is time to tell her of the secret I’ve been hiding from her for sixty-eight years. "K-Kaoru-dono?" He winced inwardly. He hadn’t called her that since that escapade thirty years before when he’d spent the entire night out drinking with Aoshi. "I-I have something to tell you, that I do."

"What is it, Kenshin?" She leaned closer, concerned at his hesitant tone. It’s been too much for him. She thought sorrowfully. He’s protected Japan from so much, and now this happened.

"I should have told you long ago, but I just couldn’t bring myself to tell you the truth. Forgive me, koishii." I’ve done many things for which I’m not proud…lying to my wife is the worst by far.

Kaoru placed her arms around his shoulders. "Kenshin…what’s in the past belongs there. I told you when we first met that I didn’t care about your past." Poor Kenshin. He’s still troubled by his actions during the revolution.

"Um…Kaoru…you misunderstand. What I’m trying to tell you is that though I love you dearly…your cooking stinks."




Author’s Notes:

1.I know…this is extremely short. Gomen nasai. **bows deeply in apology**

2.This completely disregards the fact that the Seisouhen exists. Sorry, but I like happy endings.