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Welcome to the home page of Acquiescent .

I hope you find what I have to say informative, intruiging and intoxicating.

I am a strong, independant, imaginative, intelligent, sensual woman who yearns to surrender sexually to a man who is my equal, or superior on all levels.

As I hope to meet and explore the many and varied aspects of D/s with this man on a regualr basis, he would live within 30 minutes of the SP10 postcode, and be able to invite me to his home, as he would be free to visit mine.

He would be between 30 and 50 years of age, a non-smoker, single and share at least some of my D/s interests, as well as being able to introduce me to some of his.

Please browse through, and if you feel we have something to discuss, then please email me at:

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