Obedience Game "These stories are fiction, intended for entertainment only, not recomendations for the treatment of children."
The Obedience Game
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School Spanking

Sunday Spanking

Sunday evening was the time when Jaime received her maintenance spanking from Jake. She always dreaded it. She never knew whether it would be an easy spanking because he didn’t remember when she had been bad or whether it would be hard and punishing because he thought of a reason that she should have been punished and wasn’t. If it was too light she didn’t think it was worth the time and if it was too heavy she was angry, at least for a while. As Jake approached her she could tell that he had a different method of handling her in mind for this morning.

“Read this,” Jake said, plainly.

Jaime started to ask about the paper he handed her, but he repeated, “just read this.”

The pages he handed her read:

The Obedience Game

We will be handing your maintenance spanking in a way that I will hope will teach you how to obey quickly. I have noticed that you don’t seem to be satisfied with your maintenance spankings and I have tried to devise a way that you will be involved in determining how severe they will be. We will use a deck of cards to help us determine the implement and number of swats to be given.

You will pull a card from the deck. The number of the card will determine the number of swats for this spanking. The number cards will denote their number except that numbers 1 through 5 will have 10 added to them. That will make the Ace worth 11, the 2 will be worth 12, etc. The face cards will have the following values: Jack =11, Queen=12, King=13. The least number of swats will be 6 and the greatest number would be 15. The implement will be determined by the suit of the card in this way: a heart will mean that my hand will be the implement, a spade will mean a switch will be used, a club equals a paddle and diamonds will be a strap.

After the type of spanking is determined, I will tell you where you are going to be spanked – like over my knee, or over the couch or over the bed.

Then comes the part where you get to determine how severe your spanking is. I will tell you to move to the area where you are to be spanked and you are to obey quickly and without hesitation. The next command will be to bare your bottom and again you are to obey quickly. The last command will be to bend over. If you have obeyed nicely and taken your spanking well - that is if I haven’t had to tell you to keep your bottom up and in good position for your spanking – then we will be finished.

If, however, you have been slow to obey or haven’t taken your spanking well, then I will ask you to draw two mare cards. The first will tell us how many minutes of corner time there will be between spankings and the second card will determine the implement and number of swats for the next spanking in the same way that it was done for the first spanking.

This will continue until I determine that you have obeyed and taken your spanking well.

As she put down the pages, he asked, “Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir”

“Are there any questions before we get started?”

“Just one,” she paused for a moment to see him motion for her to continue. “Since corner time is spent with my bottom bare, if I need a second spanking I won’t need to bare my bottom for the second spanking, right? ‘cause it will already be bare?”

“Before we begin the second and subsequent spankings I will tell you redress. I want you to obey fully with each spanking”

“I understand,” said Jaime, knowing that baring her already warmed bottom for a second spanking would be a challenge.

“Are you ready to begin?” Jake questioned.

Jaime spoke softly, “Yes, Sir.”

He offered her the deck of cards, and she drew the 5 of clubs. This was a very bad card. Fifteen swats with the paddle would be a pretty bad spanking. Jake told her that she would be bending over the arm of the couch. He said, “Come on over here,” as he moved toward it.

She was still contemplating the spanking she was to receive and she moved a little slower than she should have. She tried to make up for starting slowly by catching up. She hoped he would understand and that it would mean that she had already earned a second spanking. When he told he to bare her bottom she was prepared for the command and obeyed quickly. He picked the paddle out of their implement bag and she watched him slap his hand with it. She listened to the pop it made on his hand and knew it would sound and feel worse in a minute on her bottom. She was concentrating on the spanking again and she didn’t hear him the first time he said to bend over. She obeyed quickly the second time, but realized there would be another spanking as she bent.

The fifteen swats were delivered expertly. They left her bottom glowing with the heat that a disobedient lady should feel on her bottom. She was sobbing and saying how sorry she was when he finished. He helped her up and held her close for a second then helped her to the corner.

Jake held the cards for her to draw.

The first was the Ace of spades. That meant eleven minutes of corner time for her bottom to cool. Jaime knew that wasn’t very much time. His spankings always stayed with her for a while. She shook as she drew the next card. She desperately hoped for a six of hearts. But, no, it couldn’t be that. It was the Ace of diamonds. The thought of eleven swats with the strap, on top of her paddled bottom, started he sobs all over.

Jake pronounced the sentence. “Eleven minutes of bare bottom corner time, then when I tell you to come, you pull up your jeans and come over to the couch for your next spanking. It will be eleven swats with the belt.” And over her beginning to plead for mercy he said calmly, “Quiet now, put your nose in the corner and let me see that red naughty bottom.”

She obeyed. She knew better than to disobey at this point. She cried softly for the eleven minutes and at the sound of his voice pulled up her panties and jeans and moved over to the couch. His, “Well done”, rewarded Jaime.

She smiled at him through her tears. She loved to please Jake. She loved to hear his praises of her. Jake’s next words were hard to obey, “Bare your bottom.” But she did obey, as quickly as she could. Then when the command to bend over was given, she didn’t hesitate. “Well done,” he said again, “I think you are learning to obey well.”

The strap that was already in his hand was quickly used to leave eleven stripes across her bottom and upper thighs. He reddened every inch of the area she would sit on. She worked hard at being still and keeping her bottom high. Jake noticed that she would bend her knees and drop her bottom from time to time but raised it to the proper position before he landed the next swat. He made sure that all of the swats left their distinct marks on her bottom, but then rewarded her obedience by helping her to her feet and holding her. He told her that she had done well and the spanking session was over, until next week. He then walked her to the corner and turned her to face it. “I need to see that naughty red bottom for a while,” he said.

Jaime was grateful that she didn’t have to pull up her tight jeans right away. It was good to feel the coolness of the room air on her red-hot bottom. She stood there in obedience. She also thought about how hard it was to stay obedient for the second spanking and hoped that there never would be a third spanking in the obedience game.