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Stove Top BBQ Grill with Iron Plate

Free Camping Recipes for your new barbeque grills.

barbeque grills

Add to the versatility of your patio with one of TheseChefmaster™ Stainless Steel BBQ Grills and Tools. While there is no "correct" way to grill over charcoal, most professional chefs will tell you that a good grill will make all the difference. With a generous grill area of 18" across, you and your family or friends will have hours of grilling fun. Just fill it with charcoal, light it, place food on it, then stand back and inhale the delicious aroma of foods cooking. Also features a vented stainless steel cover, rack storage underneath, handles and 2 wheels for rolling around. Stands 31" tall when fully assembled. Tools include 4 skewers, scrub brush and 3pc long handle BBQ tools.

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