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Old School Stlye - First day of freshman year
The Original Glasses
The Infamous Elephant Picture
Rocking out in the pink shirt...which I still have no idea where it came from, or where it went!
WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?! I used to be so cute!
Betty and I
In Buffalo at the Ani concert with Emily and Steff (not pictured here)
The Hankster
Senior Pep Rally with my best friend's eye poking out behind me
Big Pimpin'
Goalie Style. Wish I looked this good in all of my equipment
Senior Yearbook Pic
17th Birthday...being prepped to die
Notice me dying on the far right
Giving someone 'The Dani' look
Playing street hockey with the little cuz's
The Sad Puppy Dog approach
Doing my DMB 'Crash' impression
My father and I standing with Brian Leetch, Steve Larmer, Jeff Beukeboom, and Glenn Anderson from the 1994 Stanley Cup Winning New York Rangers
My father and I standing with the captain of the New York Rangers, Mark Messier
Looking like a tool - at work, on the phone, with my arm in a sling
My CT Youth Forum Group - Aly, Karen, Heather, Jayme, me, Tara, and Jimmy
My Senior Grid
My corner of the dorm room
My bed